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Issue No. 175 - Wednesday, 28th November 2007
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'Christmas is Coming' A Floral Society Demonstration

The Ross Floral Society held its annual Open Evening at the Larruperz Centre on Friday evening. Margaret Rumens, a National demonstrator gave a splendid display of floral art entitled, 'Christmas is Coming'.

Not only did the festive arrangements tell the story of Christmas preparations, but the seasonal music she included in her demonstration, left her audience very much in the spirit of Christmas.

The evening also included the presentation of two cheques for Macmillan charities. Last month The Floral Club teamed up with CC fashions in Broad Street Ross-on-Wye for a charity fashion show. The success of that evening was recognized with one cheque for 825 being given to Macmillan Renton Appeal, and one cheque for 825 to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The total of 1650 was received by the chairman of the Cancer Support Ross-on-Wye, Mrs Pauline McRae and Joyce Thomas, Patron of the Macmillan group.

Margaret Rumens gives a flower arranging demonstration on Friday evening Ref: DSC_4211

Ref: DSC_4200

Ref: DSC_4219

Pauline McRae and Joyce Thomas accept cheques for Macmillan from Pam Pritchard, Chairman
of Ross Floral Society on Friday. Ref: DSC_2814

Members of Macmillan Ross-on-Wye and Ross Floral Society. Ref: DSC_2820
The White House Guest House, Ross-on-Wye. Anchor Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Ross-on-Wye.
It's a Knockout for Children in Need

Ten teams of children from various local schools took part in a special 'It's a Knockout' contest at The Larruperz Centre on Saturday afternoon, to raise money for Children in Need.

There were lots of fun competitions held during the event, including a space hopper race and a hilarious assault course challenge. Brian Marshall enthusiastically compered the event and the noise was terrific as the children cheered on their team mates through in each stage of the contest. I'm sure the organizers must have needed copious amounts of paracetamol after the event. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves though and managed to raise £683.90 for Children in Need. Well done to everybody involved and congratulations to the 'Llangrove Loonies' the overall winners of the contest.

The children cheering their team mates on as they tackle the assault course. Ref: DSC_2832

Back row: Tina Marshall, Glyn Andrew, Brian Marshall and Sharon Heaven with
The Llangrove Loonies, Ross, Alex, James, Abi, Elizabeth and Sasha. Ref: DSC_2828
'The Halt' Self Catering, Homs Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.

Walford, Ross-on-Wye

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Special Birthday Gift for Kim Parsons

Kim Parsons celebrated a big birthday last weekend with a special party at the Royal Hotel. Kim's party was special in that she asked her many guests not to buy her presents, but to make donations instead to a special charity in memory of Matt Beddard.

Matt was a very popular local boy who died in his early teens of a brain tumour. The Teenage Cancer Trust was set up by Matt's parents

In his memory and that of another young boy, Laurie Engel. The Trust is raising money to fund a special ward for teenage cancer patients at Birmingham Children's Hospital. To date the Trust has raised a magnificent £10,180 towards this goal.

Kim's party guests will be very pleased to know that through their generosity, approximately £1,100 of this was raised on Saturday evening.

Kim is presented with flowers and a cake as the vocalist from 'Kick Back' leads a Happy Birthday Chorus. Ref: DSC_2843

Emily and Kim at the party on Saturday. Ref: DSC_2849

Tina Needs Your Help Please . . .

I am writing this article to ask for your help. In the very near future, I am launching a campaign against dangerous driving. Dangerous driving costs lives. Too many lives, many of them young have been taken as a result of somebody driving dangerously and irresponsibly. I intend to operate this campaign in the following ways, with four key objectives:

1) To collect a huge petition demanding a change in the law that allows a person who has been arrested on suspicion of causing death or injury by dangerous driving to continue to drive until formally charged

2) To collect a petition in favour of one of two options, being a) raising the age limit for driving to 21 years or b) limiting the engine capacity of cars driven by those under 21 years of age.

3) To urge anybody who witnesses an act of dangerous driving to report the incident to the police, giving as much information as possible.

4) To appeal to everybody but in particular young people to: a) refuse to be badgered into a road race, b) politely refuse a lift from anybody they deem likely to drive in a dangerous manner, informing the driver of the reason for refusal.

Where I need your help for the time being:.

If you know of anywhere i.e. work, office, shops etc. that petitions for signing may be left, please email me at and I will send some forms to you. Please advise of how many forms of 50 signatures per side you estimate will be completed.

I intend to approach the County Council on the subject of speed restriction devices. If you know of anywhere they might be effective, please send me your ideas.

There have been too many fatal road traffic collisions in this area in recent weeks. However, this is not going to be just a local campaign. Dangerous driving is an issue in many parts of the country, therefore any help you can give will be appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.


PS. Please note that it will take me a little time to collate all the information I need for this campaign in order to operate it to its fullest potential and to achieve its goal - to try to save a few lives.


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