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Issue No. 175 - Wednesday, 28th November 2007
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[Tina presents Wyenot News - The White Lion Otters return for Autumn - Victorian School days in Gorsley]

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Dad Rock perform at the Prince

Local rock band, Dad Rock gave a great performance in the function room at the Prince of Wales on Saturday evening, which included some of the more heavy rock classics. The evening was well attended, with both a birthday and an anniversary being celebrated in the function room on the night.

Tina and I were late arriving, having been at another function for most of the evening but we enjoyed the band and I did manage to record a clip of the band's set, which can be seen in Tina's newscast on page one of this week's issue. Tina also had time to dance with Ali of course, as can be seen below, leaving me to chat with friends and pinch the odd chunk of cheese from the excellent buffet which had been provided for the party. I also took the unusual step of taking an infra red photo this week, to show some of the dancers (the black and white one at the bottom).

Great light show! The Prince is becoming known as a music venue these days and it is always good when the music events take place in the function room.

This coming Saturday evening, one of Tina's favourite bands, 'SOFA' will be performing in the bar at the Prince, so we are almost certain to be there so that she can dance the night away.

Dad Rock at the Prince of Wales on Saturday. Ref: DSC_2853

Tina and Ali dancing. Ref: DSC_2871

The band and dancers caught in infra red light. Ref: DSC_0027

What's Happening in Ross This Week?
by Tina Jones

This evening, Wednesday, 28th November, a Psychic Evening is being held at The Old Court Hotel at Symonds Yat West. This is the final event of its kind at The Old Court. The evening begins at 7:30pm sharp and entrance is £5.

On Thursday, The Zebras are playing at The Boat Inn, Penalt, near Monmouth. They are well worth going to see. Unfortunately I can't make it as I have to work, but for those of you who want to go along, the performance begins at 9pm.

Saturday is my day off, so on Saturday evening, Tina will be dancing to the fantastically funky 'SOFA' at The Prince of Wales. The band will begin their performance at 9pm.

If you are still wondering what to get for Christmas presents, a special Advent Market will be taking place at Ross Market on Sunday between 10am and 4pm. There will be lots of stalls there, with a range of potential gifts for you to choose from whilst helping a charity at the same time.

That's all for this week. Have a good one and we'll see you next week.


Extensions - Renovations - Brickwork
Stonework - Floor Laying - Roofing

Telephone Paul on 01989 564112
Mobile 07812 564112
Steve on 07971 535064



Reasonable rates

Telephone: 01989 564041
Mobile: 07800 518353


Appeal for help: Vale Wildlife Rescue, Station Road, Beckford Tewkesbury GL20 7AN. Tel: 01386 882288

We would like your help to launch an appeal for tins of dog and cat food, we have around 130 young, underweight hedgehogs at the hospital that just won't survive the winter in the wild. We are also getting several in on a daily basis, so the number is rising.

We are using between 150-200 tins per day and stocks are very low, we will run out by the end of the week. Could you please let your readers know our situation?

We would be grateful for any donations. They can be dropped off at VWR at Beckford, or at our charity shop, Vine Street, Evesham. Also, if people find it difficult to deliver larger quantities we may be able to arrange collection.

Kind regards Angela (care assistant)

Apologies for the silly request, but your website was the only one I could find which showed some promise when I 'Googled' an old friend of mine, Miles Rudge.

I knew Miles from college days but lost touch with him about 15 years ago. I stayed with him in Ross, and know that there are quite a few Rudges in that area, so was hoping that you might be able to put me in contact with any of his relatives (so that I can track him down!).


Alex Guinness
Felso Zöldmáli út. 7
Budapest 1025.


I am hoping to find an old colleague who used to live in Ross on Wye. Does your publication carry requests for information? He was a merchant navy officer called Roger Wooding Any suggestions as to other places I could look would be appreciated.


John Clark

Lions in crisis over chef

The Ross-on-Wye Lions are having difficulty finding a chef or cook to oversee the preparation and serving of their annual Christmas Lunch for the Lonely Elderly of the district. They have volunteers who will help with the cooking and serving but need someone to take overall responsibility for the kitchen.

The Christmas lunch takes place at the Ryefield Centre in Ross on Christmas Day, starting at around 12 noon and finishing about 2.30pm. Around 50 meals will have to be prepared but there are lots of volunteers to assist.

Anyone who would like to help the Lions, or WRVS, with this task would need to be at the Ryefield Centre on the 24th December to ensure the vegetables are prepared as necessary and then again on the 25th for the cooking and serving.

If a volunteer is not available then the Lions are prepared to pay someone for the two days. Please is there someone who can help the Lions and the WRVS give these elderly persons their Christmas dinner; they would hate to let them down.

If you are interested and need more information, please contact the Lions President, Keith Wilding on 01989 562145, Bernard Fowkes on 01989 563337 or Debbie Griffiths 01989 765595, or at her office in 18 Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye.

The elderly enjoying Christmas lunch at the Ryefield Centre last year. Ref: DSC_1681


Are you looking for somewhere to enjoy a Christmas Meal with your family or for somewhere to hold your annual company Christmas Dinner?

Over the coming weeks, Wyenot News will be making menus from local restaurants available to view on-line or print.

Click the links below to view menus available so far in a separate window (close window when finished). Links are placed in order of when received. This article will be repeated with a different 'Winter' photo weekly until Christmas:

[White Lion Christmas Menu] *** [Orles Barn Christmas Menu] *** [Royal Lodge Symonds Yat East]

[The Royal Hotel, Ross-on-Wye] *** [Nature's Choice] *** [The Hope & Anchor] *** [The Prince of Wales]

If you advertise with and would like your restaurant's Christmas menu available to view on-line here, please post a copy to: Wyenot News, 1, Hillview Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 7EY.

This is a free service - available ONLY to restaurants / pub owners who currently
support 'Wyenot News' by advertising!
(I have had others who do not support Wyenot sending in their Christmas menus. I am sorry but . . . )

Ross-on-Wye on 8th February 2007. Ref: DSC_3889


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