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Issue No. 180 - Wednesday, 9th January 2008
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. . . and then on to the party in the barn

After interviewing Mike Johnson, we made our way down to the old barn, where the party was already warming up nicely. There was some excellent food available, courtesy of Hilary and John Draper, (By the way John, thanks for Sunday lunch!. There was also some very warming mulled cider, (thank you Cindy) and lots of Ross Cider & Perry products for guests to enjoy.

The was some great entertainment too, which was provided by Compost Heap and the fantastic Chicken Shed Zeppelin.

You can see some of party and entertainment on this week's edition of WNTV News.

The party is already warming up by the time we get there. Ref: DSC_3888

The attendance seems to grow year after year. Ref: DSC_3893

Compost Heap perform some great traditional Wassail songs and other great folk music. Ref: DSC_3899

A visitor from Holland, Chris Price tells Tina how much he enjoys the news. Ref: DSC_3906

The fantastic Chicken Shed Zeppelin had everybody dancing. Ref: DSC_4479

Mandolin player, Hippy Boy Joe. Ref: DSC_4473

Guitarist, Dave. Ref: DSC_4477

Fiddle player and vocalist, Adrian Ward. DSC_4474

The lovely Felix on double bass. DSC_4480

Chicken Shed Zeppelin are always a lot of fun. Ref: DSC_4485

Just a few of the people who enjoyed the Broome Farm Wassail. Ref: DSC_4487
The White Lion Inn, Wilton.
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Readers' Letters

Wyenot Mobiles and Jobsworths

Hi Alan,

After reading issue no.179, it certainly cleared something up for me, which had me slightly baffled. Upon passing your house a few weeks ago, I noticed that you'd installed the fence outside your driveway. I really couldn't understand why it was there as you had a perfectly normal driveway to park your car, and away from that horrible turn off out of Hillview Road.

Though after issue no.179, I found out that you had to install it due to some "legal" trouble, legal? Pah, nothing but jobsworth idiots, as you say. One thing that struck me was when you explained that the jobsworth claimed that it would damage the kerb, which in fact, unless you drive a bus, is rubbish. Where I live the kerb has not been lowered, and my father has been driving up and down our drive to park and leave for almost 21 years now, and there isn't the slightest bit of kerb damage whatsoever, and certainly no 'danger' to the public. But I really don't understand why they don't allow you to use your garden as a place to park? It's out of the way and not harming anyone.

Well, the unfortunate accident which occurred not long after you putting the fence up, really showed them as to why you where doing it in the first place. I hope something good comes out of it though.

Anyway, I'm sure you've heard enough of it already! So keep up the good work, I always look forward to the new issues. (And I'm sure you remember me from all those years ago with Chris!)

Craig Davies

Thank you Craig and, yes - I remember you very well from the old days when my Chris was at school.

The 'Wyenot Mobile' being written off was a real pain in the bum and has caused me a lot of problems and annoyances. Not least of these annoyances is that I filled it with £50 worth of petrol just two hours before and drove straight home - just two miles from the filling station, so I lost that.

The good news is that I bought a new 'Wyenot Mobile' last Friday - a silver/gold coloured Toyota. (Thanks Andy and Helen.) It's funny driving it because nobody recognizes me in it at the moment and I can go out totally anonymously. It is already sporting muddy tyres like the old car though as I drove it to Broome Farm on Saturday. I will get the 'Wyenot News' signwriting done soon, so things will be back to normal.

As for the fence. My life is stressful enough, with not enough hours in the day to bother arguing about it. At least the news article shows that the decision to build it was not mine. Every cloud has a silver lining and had the cars not been wrecked, I would not have run the story and the population of Ross would had imagined that the idea of building such a silly, pointless structure was my own.

It's nice to know you read the news and we hope to see you around. Chris is still suffering after his accident but other than that, all is well with the family. Love to yours.



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