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Issue No. 181 - Wednesday, 16th January 2008
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Keeping a close eye on the rising river level

Following the rain we have been experiencing over the past week, the River Wye is rising and some flooding is expected. At the time of writing (Tuesday afternoon) the A4413, Walford to Leintwardine and the C1273 (near PGL) are passable with care but there is water on the Belmont Roundabout in Hereford. Watery Lane and a few roads in the county are closed.

The level of the Wye at Hereford is 3.8 metres above normal and it is expected to rise to 4.66 metres. Bearing in mind that it takes a day for the water to reach Ross from Hereford, water levels still have a long way to rise from the bottom two photographs, taken at 8:30 am today. I am guessing that the peak will come some time on Wednesday morning.

Whilst checking the levels early on Saturday morning, while Tina was still snoring, I filmed another otter. Unlike the otters I have filmed before, this one was not hanging around outside the White Lion, it appeared from under Wilton Bridge and was swimming downstream with the current. The film can be seen in this week's WNTV News programme.

Leaving Tina's boys in charge of our own house, Tina and I are currently living at the White Lion whilst Dave and Jacqui are on holiday (it's a tough job looking after a pub but I guess somebody has to do it), so I will be keeping a close eye on the river and will be looking out for otters. On Monday morning I heard two otters making a hell of a din and saw them mating (or at least, heavy petting) in the distance. Unfortunately though, like the one on New Year's Eve, I could not get the camera out on time. There certainly seems to be a lot of otter activity at the moment, so I am very hopeful for the next couple of weeks of getting some good otter footage.

River levels at 9:30 am on Saturday. Ref: DSC_4509

River levels at 9:30 am on Saturday. Ref: DSC_4503

River levels at 9:30 am on Saturday. Ref: DSC_4511

River levels at 8;30 am on Tuesday morning - river still rising with a long way to go. Ref: DSC_4540

River levels at 8;30 am on Tuesday morning. Ref: DSC_4543
The White Lion Inn, Wilton.
Morris Bricknell, Chartered Surveyors, Stroud House, 30, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5LE.


-Tel: 01989 768320

Ross Lions continue to help schools

Staff at the Gorsley Goffs Primary School consulted their young pupils when the Ross Lions Club asked if there was anything they could buy the school. Surprisingly, the most wanted item was an extra bench for them to sit on in the play area. The Head Teacher, Richard Humphrey, did not hesitate at this strange request but immediately contacted the Lions Community Services Chairman, Mel Middlecote, to put in the order. He also asked for a supply of 'safety bark' to replenish the adventure playground.

In the presence of Mr Humphrey and the young Councillors for the school, Charlotte Westley, Elizabeth Powell, Sophie Gooch, Georgia Crawford, Dan Scholey, Sam Scholey and Harry Schudamore the Ross Lions president, Lion Keith Wilding handed over a cheque to the young people. Mr Humphrey said Gorsley Goffs Primary School was very grateful to the Ross Lions and they looked forward to using the seat in the summer.

On the same day the Lions President and Community Services Chairman along with their Press Officer also visited Bridstow CE Primary School to present a cheque for items they had bought. Head Teacher, Paul Sockett, had asked for funds to purchase child friendly hurdles and javelins for the PE Department and weighing scales and weights for maths and science activities. The cheque was handed over to year 6 pupil George Swatteridge who thanked the Lions for their generosity.

Lion President, Keith Wilding handing the cheque to year six Bridstow Primary pupil, George Swatteridge.

Ross Lions Mel Middlecote, President Keith Wilding and Richard Humphrey, with the Gorsley Goffs Youth Council.

Pupils at Gorsley Goffs Primary School patiently watching the presentation of the cheque.
Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
Ross flats and shop schemes approved

A scheme to construct two two bedroomed flats on land at Henry Street, Ross-on-Wye was approved by members of the southern area planning subcommittee on Wednesday, 9th January. An application to erect a building comprising two two-bedroom flats was refused permission in October 2006 however, a revised scheme has now been submitted with a gabled rather than hip roof.

An application to demolish 13 Market Place, Ross-on-Wye and build a shop with 12 flats above on the site was approved by members of the southern area planning subcommittee at the same meeting. The scheme was to use the ground floor as a single retail shop with 12 flats above, three two-bedroomed, one a studio flat and eight single-bedroomed. One letter of objection was received saying the proposed building would be too high.

Woolhope affordable housing development refused

Plans by Kemble Housing for the construction of six new affordable houses on land next to 10 St George's, Woolhope were refused by members of the southern area planning subcommittee at their meeting on Wednesday, 9th January.

Reasons for refusal were that there was inadequate access and the plans would harm the conservation area. A housing needs survey found there was a demand for affordable homes in Woolhope. Woolhope Parish Council felt the application should be put on hold until the results of a sewerage capacity study were known.

Three letters of objection were received, saying the development would harm the setting of listed and locally important buildings and expressing concern over the access and increase in traffic. They also felt the foul drainage system is up to capacity and unable to cope with six extra houses.

New faces for the Visit Herefordshire board

The Visit Herefordshire Board is developing its strength within the industry sector with the appointment of Mike Moran, Managing Director of MilSys UK Ltd., and the appointment of Cllr Ursula Attfield to the position of vice-chairman.

Cllr Attfield has been on the Board since April 2006 when Visit Herefordshire was officially formed and she is looking forward to the challenges ahead and being part of a company that will shape the tourism industry within the county. She takes over the position from the late Cllr John Guthrie who was a very keen supporter of the tourism industry in Herefordshire and was instrumental in the formation of the new destination management company in Herefordshire. Cllr Guthrie was also the interim chairman prior to the appointment of Peter Hands.

The appointment of Mike Moran to the Board of Directors will enable Visit Herefordshire to develop links with the industry in Herefordshire. Mr. Moran said, 'The non tourism businesses in the county also play a vital role in supporting the tourism industry by contributing to the economy with a number of overnight stays and hospitality of visiting companies. We need to work with these businesses and harness their support.'

Peter Hands, Chairman of Visit Herefordshire said, 'The new appointments to the board will strengthen our position for the future. It's important that Visit Herefordshire works with and supports all businesses by ensuring that all visitors, whether they are tourists or here on business, always have a good experience. During the next few weeks there will be elections for a three vacancies on the board for the serviced accommodation (large); attractions and activities sectors.'

Cultural Services Manager Jane Lewis said, 'We're seeking nominations for these vacancies and would be interested in hearing from anyone from these sectors who would like to be part of this developing company within Herefordshire.'


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