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Issue No. 182 - Wednesday, 23rd January 2008
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'We cannot relax on school closures' says Jesse

Conservative candidate and schools campaigner Jesse Norman and local MP Bill Wiggin spent much of last week working hard behind the scenes for the withdrawal of the schools proposals. 'I am absolutely delighted that the Council has recalled the proposals', said Jesse. 'This is a huge victory for common sense and the voice of the people. But we are not out of the woods yet. The Government is putting intense pressure on the Council to close or make cuts in our rural schools. We cannot duck the issue, but we cannot relax now in making the positive case over the coming months. If our schools were funded at the national average, rather than way below it, almost none of these cuts would be necessary.'

'Our schools are an incredible resource. We must do what we can to keep them and help them flourish. That's why I will continue to expand my website for all schools campaigners across the county.'

'Not only that: many parents seem to have changed their preference for school entry in Sept 2008 based on the proposals which have now been withdrawn. Some have written to me to say they were told by officials that certain schools were closing. The preference forms had to be in last Friday. Will these parents now be allowed to change their minds, without being penalised by being put to the bottom of the pile?'

Ref: DSC_4549

The White House Guest House, Ross-on-Wye. Anchor Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Ross-on-Wye.
Controlled explosion at the Doward

Police were called to the house of an elderly person on the Doward on Monday, where several unlicensed guns were discovered, along with a first world war 4.25 inch shell.

On discovery of the shell, Army bomb disposal experts were called and the device was taken to a nearby field, where two controlled explosions were carried out.

The bomb disposal team at first used a 200 gram charge but were not happy that the shell was safe, so they tried again with a 450 gram 'knife charge'. This split the shell, which was found to be inert.

Bomb Disposal experts place the charge ready to carry out a controlled explosion.


A 450 gram knife charge is detonated.

The shell is split and deemed inert.

Clive Richards OBE Officially Opens John Kyrle High School's New Astroturf Facility

The new all-weather Astroturf at John Kyrle High School was opened on Monday by Clive Richards, OBE. The impressive facility is an outstanding addition to the existing extensive playing fields, sports hall and LTA standard tennis courts at the school. As well as providing an all-weather surface, the Astroturf pitch is fully floodlit enabling students and members of the local community to enjoy full sporting activities and training throughout the year. The area is the size of a full-sized football pitch and also has markings for hockey and three five-a-side football courts.

Construction of the Astroturf playing surface, which is widely regarded as the best local facility of its kind, began last June with much of the work taking place over the school holidays in order to minimise disruption to students and staff. The Clive Richards Charity which partly funded the project which cost over 400,000 is a Herefordshire based charity which raises funds to assist with education, church and arts-based projects.

Prior to asking Mr Richards to unveil a plaque, Nigel Griffiths, Headteacher, said, 'These are very challenging times in education across the whole of Herefordshire in terms of discussions on possible school reorganisation. It is timely to celebrate some outstanding partnership work which has led to the provision of this facility for the school and its community.' He thanked Herefordshire Council and Children's Services for their assistance and also members of his own staff including Senior Administrative Officer, John Docherty, Site Manager, Bryan Jones and the PE Department.

Mr Griffiths commended Clive Richards for the outstanding work he has done for schools across Herefordshire and his support for them in their successful applications to become Specialist Colleges and for sports facilities, such as this new facility at John Kyrle.

Clive Richards said how very pleased he was to be involved with John Kyrle. In all his visits to the school he found the staff and the students to be very friendly and he was delighted that they are able to make use of the new all-weather pitch. Mr Richards also paid tribute to other schools in the Authority and, like Mr Griffiths, hoped that recent discussions on reorganisation could lead to outcomes which would satisfy as many schools and parents as possible.

Clive Richards OBE was interviewed by Mr. Nigel Griffiths after the opening for this week's WNTV News.

Clive Richards OBE unveils the plaque. Ref: DSC_4016

A short speech before going in the warm for a chat with Nigel Griffiths for WNTV News. Ref: DSC_4020

Celebrating a Macmillan Shop Success

Joyce Thomas, Iris Price and Pauline McRae, Chairman of Ross Macmillan Cancer Support Group, can be seen below with some of the volunteers who ran the Macmillan Charles Renton Unit Appeal Charity Shop at the Ross Victorian Arcade last year. Joyce and Iris had invited everyone along for a drink, a chat and an update on the final amount raised from the charity shop, which closed on December 24th 2007.

Joyce thanked Michael Aslanian, the owner of the Ross Victorian Arcade, for agreeing to let the Ross Macmillan group run a charity shop in his wonderful building. She also thanked Iris Price for organizing the running of the shop and the volunteers for their help and support. Iris concurred with Joyce's thanks to Michael and the volunteers, saying, 'Without whose help none of it would have been possible, adding, 'I met some very nice people along the way and have all their telephone numbers for the next time a charity shop was arranged'.

All there said that they would be pleased to be involved again for such a worthwhile cause. Iris then confirmed the final total raised in the shop was 8343. This money will be forwarded to the Charles Renton unit appeal along with all the other monies raised by the Ross Macmillan Support Group and the people on Ross-on-Wye during 2007.

Ref: DSC_3962

Pride of Herefordshire Awards 2008

Planning has already started for the Pride of Herefordshire Awards 2008 and county residents are being urged to start thinking now of people whose efforts in the community should be rewarded.

Last year's overall award winner Katie Llewellin said, 'Many people work behind the scenes to make a real difference to the community they live in but their efforts go unrewarded. These awards are designed to tell the untold stories of people whose actions the rest of the county can be proud of and I would urge anyone who knows of someone deserving to look out for the nomination forms which will be available from April onwards.'

Katie also won the 2007 Herefordshire Courage Award for her actions in calming down two traumatized horses and a donkey on a dark night and prevented an accident from happening.

A new category has been added to this year's awards, run by the Herefordshire Partnership, of which Herefordshire Council is a member, in conjunction with the Hereford Journal.

This category is for Herefordshire Adult Community Award and is for someone over 18 years old who does something positive in their community that has an impact on others.

The other categories are:

Herefordshire Entrepreneur Award: Someone who is successful in business, with an innovative approach.

Herefordshire Learner Award: Someone who has learnt new skills or knowledge and uses them in their day-to-day life or an achiever who may have overcome obstacles to progress.

Herefordshire Courage Award: Someone who in a personal or community capacity has overcome adversity or made the community a safer place by their actions.

Herefordshire Environmental Champion: Someone who has made a difference to the environment in his or her local community.

Herefordshire Young Carer Award: Someone up to 18 years old who looks after or helps others, whether family at home, or in their community.

Herefordshire Youth Community Award: An individual or a group up to 18 years old, who do something positive in their community that has an impact on others.

Herefordshire Adult Carer Award: Someone who looks after or helps others, whether family at home, or in their community.

Herefordshire Health Champion: Someone who has improved people's health and quality of life.

A special awards ceremony will be held in October. Trophies for winners in each of the categories have been designed by artist blacksmith Ambrose Burne and they each receive 100. Finalists receive certificates to mark their achievements.

For further details about the awards scheme and how to nominate someone please contact Herefordshire Partnership on 01432 261788.


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