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Issue No. 182 - Wednesday, 23rd January 2008
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Photos of the flood water from up high and down low

I have not been here, there and everywhere taking photos during this month's floods on the Wye. However, I have covered the rising and fallling then rising again waters in a little more depth (pun noted) for this week's WNTV News programme.

Tina and I have been looking after the White Lion Inn and so I have literally been on the spot all week and have been able to watch the whole event take place. It seems I have done nothing but film water, schools, prep news and wash-up at home this week - oh, and act as Quizmaster for the Sunday Macmillan quizes. Leaving two teenage boys looking after our own house has meant that I have had wash up every knife, fork, spoon and plate we own before being able to eat - every single time I have been back home. Nice as it is sleeping in a pub by the river, life will become easier when we are able to return home full time.

The pictures below are taken from an angle, which most readers will not have seen before - from the top of the White Lion building. They were taken in high winds from the very top of the fire escape, where I quite literally had to duck under the eaves of the roof. I think the unusual views were well worth it though.

A White Lion (television) areal view . . . Ref: DSC_4559

. . . and again . . . Ref: DSC_4565

. . . and again. Ref: DSC_4569

Right down at river level . . . Ref: DSC_0143

. . . and again. Ref: DSC_0159

Walford, Ross-on-Wye

Quality Childcare from birth to 11 years

Jo Gilmour Ofsted registered Childminder

Please call 01989 564173 or email for vacancies


Extensions - Renovations - Brickwork
Stonework - Floor Laying - Roofing

Telephone Paul on 01989 564112
Mobile 07812 564112
Steve on 07971 535064

Jack Baldus tells us Jamstand 2008 is shaping up nicely

Jack Baldus paid us a visit on Monday to keep us up to speed with how plans for this year's Jamstand are progressing. Everything appears to be going well in the organization of what promises to be yet another fantastic event. Jack and his friend of many years, Sam Parrett have been working very hard to provide something for everyone and after looking at the list of performers, I don't think anybody will be disappointed.

Jack's own band TH3 will be performing, as will the dynamic Dandelion Killers, the brilliant Anomalies and Totem Pole, who gave a great performance of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon last year will also be appearing. And there's much, much more. Around twenty five acts have been booked for Saturday 26th July and this Year's Jamstand will run from 12 noon until late.

Jack would love to hear from anybody who is interested in helping out on the day. You can email Jack at If you have a jewellery or clothing stall or similar and you would like to take it to the Jamstand event, why not send Jack an email. He will be very pleased to hear from you.

You can hear more about Jamstand 2008 in this week's edition of WNTV News where you will also get the opportunity of listening to Jack playing for us on keyboard. Thanks Jack. Sorry about Eric's singing though.

Jack Baldus takes time out to talk to us about Jamstand 2008. Ref: DSC_0147

Repeated Threats and Criminal Damage

Police are repeating their appeal for information after a number of incidents of criminal damage committed since September 2007.

A green Peugeot 206 has repeatedly had paint tipped over it whilst parked overnight in Alton Close in Ross-on-Wye with the latest offence occurring between 9.30 pm on Friday, 11th January and 8am the following day. Several hand-written notes have been left by the offender.

If anyone witnessed the offence or has any information that can help, please contact PC Andrea Morris at Ross-on-Wye Police Station on 08457 444888, quoting reference 196-s-120108. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Readers' Letters

The Flood Alleviation Scheme


Here is a picture of water gushing into Rudhall Brook at the Ross flood alleviation works in Millpond Street. Not quite a Niagra Falls, but better than the usual flooding in Brookend Street which we have seen so often.

After this construction job has finished in the summer hopefully we shall have seen the end of flooding in Ross. I did take a video of this scene complete with water noise and local traffic, but sadly my computer is not up to downloading it on to the internet.

Perhaps someone else can do a better job?

Gordon Amand

Thanks Gordon - nice photo. I hope that Ross will see the last of flooding in the town also.

Whilst on this subject, it is amazing how many people have asked me, 'How is the Flood Alleviation Scheme going to stop the river flooding?' The answer is, of course, it will not. It should however stop water running from the Rudhall Brook, through Morrisons and along the road en-route to the River..

The video depends on the format really. My gear can cope with pretty much anything, so if you're passing and I'm home (remember the car outside is no longer a black Ford - it is silver Toyota), drop it in and I'll see what I can do.

Re 'This is where I went on Wednesday - Don't tell Tina!''

Hi Alan where did you go Wednesday 16th January and why could you not tell Tina?'

I received the above email, unsigned, following my publication of the photo below last week. As the sender's email address came through as 'ESPRESSO', I am only guessing, but I would imagine it came from somebody possibly wishing to advertise Horlicks and Muffin at £1.50.

All I can say is, no comment other that that the sign was pointed out to me by a young lady, whom I would imagine would like to remain anonymous, but found it so amusing that she stopped me in the street and asked me to follow her up the frog and toad so she could show me. I will tell you that it was not outside the local diving club.

No - I'm not really that mean. It was in Gloucester Road, outside the Antique Market. So if you would like Horlicks and Muffin for £1.50, why not go to the Antique Market in Gloucester Road - there are a couple of nice places to eat inside but I can't remember what they are called.

Ref: DSC_4502

Hereford United v Cardiff City Match Warning

Hereford Police have urged fans to have an enjoyable but trouble free time ahead of this weekend’s FA Cup match against Cardiff City - and vowed not to tolerate antisocial behaviour..

There will be a highly visible police presence in and around the city to deal robustly with any troublemakers out to spoil the event for genuine football fans.

Chief Inspector Shane Hancock, of Hereford Police, said officers would not be out to stop people having fun but said they would deal robustly with anyone causing a problem.

He said, 'The vast majority of people who will be turning out to enjoy the match are genuine football fans who simply want to enjoy the match. However we know that there may also be a very small minority intent on causing disorder. The message to them is simple. We will not tolerate any such behaviour as it not only spoils the atmosphere for the genuine fans, but also for the residents in the area around the ground and members of the public using the city centre'

Although the two clubs have not met for a number of years, there has been a previous history of antisocial behaviour around this fixture. As a result there will be a highly visible police presence, with more than 100 officers on duty, including dog handlers and officers trained in public order duties to ensure that the genuine supporters can attend and watch the game in safety..

Anyone who is responsible for disorder on match day can expect to be dealt with robustly and, where appropriate, will be put before the courts. We will also not hesitate to make applications for Football Banning Orders in more serious cases.'

Police are also reminding both sets of supporters that Sunday’s match is an advance ticket-only affair and tickets will not be available to buy at the ground on match day. Those with tickets are advised to arrive in plenty of time as a large crowd is expected - those without a ticket are strongly urged to stay away.


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