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Issue No. 184 - Wednesday, 6th February 2008
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Andi McBurnie and Toby Lovell at the Red Lion

Musician Andi McBurnie, who lives in France, is a friend of the great blues singer and harmonica player Toby Lovell, who has featured before on WNTV at both the Red Lion and at Broome Farm.

We went along to the Red Lion Inn at Peterstow on Friday evening with friends, Paul and Ali, where we enjoyed a meal in the restaurant and watched Andy perform. Toby joined Andi occasionally with his harmonica and we all really enjoyed the evening. We both enjoyed the evening with Paul and Ali and it was really nice to see a real solo artist who does not need backing tracks.

In this week's WNTV News programme you can watch Andi performing one of my favourite Greenday songs, 'Good Riddance' and, joined by Toby on Harmonica, 'Walking the Dog'.

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Nature Watch - The King Arthur's Cave Bats

The King Arthur's Cave bat photographs below were taken from just 5 inches away, so that even the creature's skin texture can be seen. I went to the cave on Sunday, along with my daughter, Sarah and her boyfriend, James with the intention of filming bats and we achieved our goal.

At the risk of getting a bat round the ears, I climbed up into a tiny cavern and tried out my contortionist skills to get within a few inches of the creature, in a very confined space. Some of the footage (which is in colour this time) can be seen in this week's WNTV News programme.

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Important Carnival News

Wyenot News received the following press release from Carnival Chairman, Mel Hodges.

'After the success of last year's carnival dog show, which raised funds for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Cot Death it was decided to hold another one for the carnival of 2008. Preperations were made and a date was set for Saturday, July 26th 2008. The clash last year with bands playing on the bandstand we decided to avoid, by changing from a Sunday to the Saturday. We notified Herefordshire Council as per the contract drawn up by them for the Carnival.

We then find that an event is being advertised for the same date and place as our dog show. We are led to believe that this date was proposed by Ross Town Council as this year's date for Jamstand. As you can imagine, loud music and dog shows are not very compatible. We understand that the organizers of Jamstand have put in a lot of work booking bands to appear on this date and that an alternative date would mean that a lot of the bands would not be able to play. As a result of this clash of dates we cannot fit in a change of date for the dog show, so unhappily we will have to cancel the dog show for this year. Unfortunately as this was a means to raise much needed funds for the Carnival this year after last year's problems with the weather and last minute relocation which left us with a deficit of funds. We now need to look at alternatives to raise funds. Suggestions to Carnival Chairman.

With the contract we have with Herefordshire, and Ross Town Council being allowed to take bookings for the same period and on the same land this has caused problems for Ross Town Carnival and Jamstand. We have both worked together to come up with a solution to the problem not of our making as we feel any event organized to promote Ross can only be for the good of the town and town's people. The Carnival, through its programme tries to promote events happening through the summer months (Ross Country Festival / Ross-in-Bloom) and will continue to do so.

Carnival Chairman,

Mel Hodges'

'Wyenot News' opinion

It is unfortunate that this situation has arisen as Ross Town Carnival brings many people to Ross every year. We feel that provision should be put in place which will ensure that clashes of this kind do not reoccur. However, we feel it was no small thing for the Carnival Chairman, Mel Hodges to forego the dog show so that the Jamstand concert could take place, as preparations for this are already in advanced stages. Organizer of Jamstand, Jack Baldus is extremely grateful to Mel Hodges for his consideration. Mel has also offered to assist Jamstand in any way he can.

We are really looking forward to all events: Jamstand on Saturday 26th July, Carnival Week and Carnival Day itself, which takes place on Saturday, 2nd August.

Readers' Letters

Freezer in the river

I saw your article in Wyenot News about the freezer. I am sure this same freezer base was washed up on the grass next to the Hope and Anchor after the last flood. It was certainly there last Thursday, 24th January. Maybe somebody threw it back in the river. Maybe this was something to do with the Council wanting money to remove it?

Name and address supplied.

Thank you for the info. That is interesting. I guess pushing it back in the river is somewhat easier than taking it the mile to the local recycling place, which will take freezers free of charge. It was still on the bank at Wilton a day ago. Who knows - if it is not washed further downstream by further flooding soon, it may well appear on the next edition of the local Ordnance Survey map.


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