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Issue No. 187 - Wednesday, 27th February 2008
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Jamstand 2008
26th July
Ofsted visit Ross Pre-school Playgroup

An Ofsted inspector called at Ross Preschool Playgroup recently to carry out an unannounced integrated inspection and the judgement from this inspection was that the quality and standards of the Nursery Education provided by the group is good. The report stated that the children’s play and learning is very well supported by staff who have a good understanding of how children learn The report also stated that the quality and standards of care are sound, as the children’s safety is enhanced by sound safety procedures.

Mrs Pauline Williams said that the staff and management of the group are very pleased with the findings of the inspection. Some of the children who attend the preschool can be seen below with Mrs Williams and Mrs Vicki Page.

If you would like to know more about the pre-school, please contact Pauline on Ross 562435.


By election at Old Gore

Citizens in the Old Gore ward of Herefordshire will vote in a by-election on Thursday, 10th April. It follows the resignation last week of Tessa McLean who will be leaving to undertake a new career abroad. Conservative councillor Tessa McLean won the seat for Old Gore, situated to the north east of Ross-on-Wye, at the local elections in May last year from Independent councillor and council chairman John Edwards, in what was her first election contest.

Anybody wishing to stand in the election should collect a nomination form from the Council's Electoral Registration Office, in the County Offices, Bath Street, Hereford, HR1 2HQ. Completed nomination forms must be returned to the offices by midday on Wednesday, 12th March. Electors who want to vote by post must apply to the Electoral Registration Office by 5pm on Wednesday, 26th March. Completed application forms must be returned by 5pm on Wednesday, 2nd April - in exceptional circumstances (unforeseen illness or incapacity), applications may be made up until 5pm on the day of the election, 10th April.

Anybody wanting more information about how to stand in the election or vote can contact the electoral registration team on 01432 260107.

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Backtrackers on Track for Another 10 Years

Ross line dance group The Backtrackers have been dancing together for ten years now and celebrated in true line dancing style with a party, complete with birthday cake at The Larruperz Centre on Tuesday evening.

A big raffle was drawn later in the evening with lots of good prizes. The Backtrackers group is run by Clive and Bonnie Beard and they raise money for charity as well as helping with Ross Country Music Festival.

It looked liked a lot of fun to me, but told Clive that I couldn't possibly join them as I have two left feet. 'Of course you can,' he joked. 'I had three when I started!' After watching him dance however, I didn't think that could possibly be true. Watch this week's WNTV News programme and see what you think.

The Backtrackers celebrating thier tenth birthday on Tuesday. Ref: DSC_4306

Ross Lions Hold Social Evening to Attract New Members

Ross Lions Club is looking for new members and held an open social evening at Ross Conservative Club on Tuesday, so that people could find out more about the work they do, whilst enjoying a game of skittles and enjoying some food.

The Lions Club is an international organization where groups raise money for charities and organizations within their own locality, as well as helping the victims of disasters, such as the Tsunami.

The Lions have a lot of fun whilst raising money for these causes. WNTV News went along to the social gathering to speak to Ross Lions President Keith Wilding about their work. You can hear what he had to say in this week's WNTV News programme.

Back: Lions Don Wood, Bernard Fowkes, President, Keith Wilding, Jim Hamilton and Councillor Gordon Lucas
Front: Sue Wilding and Julie Lerigo. Ref: DSC_4301
Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
A Thinking Day Church Parade at Weston

Aston Crews and Ross District Guides celebrated Thinking Day this year with a Church Parade and service at St. Lawrence's Church in Weston-under-Penyard. The service was attended by members of the Weston Rainbows, !st Lea and 1st Linton Brownies and 2nd Ross Guides, their Guiders, Unit Helpers, families and friends. Members of the Trefoil Guild, whose members were once Brownies and / or Guides and still continue to support Guiding, also attended.

After the Colours of each unit were carried into Church, 2nd Ross Guides gave a short explanation of the history and meaning of Thinking Day. Each Rainbow and Brownie Unit had learned about Guiding in a different country so the Rainbows told the congregation all about Canada, Linton Brownies spoke about Switzerland and Lea Brownies about Australia.

At the end of the service a number of Rainbows and Brownies made their Promise followed by three Guiders who, having made their Promise as Brownies and Guides, were now renewing it as Guiders. A collection was made for the Thinking Day Fund and refreshments were enjoyed after the service.

Ross Guides

Thinking Day for members of the Guide Association is traditionally the day set aside for thinking about Rainbows, Brownies and Guides around the world. Guiding exists in 145 countries world-wide, with over 10 million girls and women being involved in Guiding in some way.

This year Guides of the 2nd Ross Unit decided to do something a bit different. Instead of finding out about Guides who live in another country they decided to send parcels of goodies out to female service personnel who used to be Guides and / or Brownies and who are currently serving in the Armed Forces in Iraq or Afghanistan or who are being treated at the Tri-Service Rehabilitation Unit at Headley Court.

Each Patrol put together a box of suitable items such as snacks, sweets, a puzzle book & pen and a tin of lip balm to show the former Guide members that they were thinking of them. They also each made a card to enclose in their parcel which was decorated with the Patrol emblem and signed by each Patrol member.

JKHS pupils see 20 years into the future

Students at John Kyrle High School are being given a peek into the future to see how they could look in twenty years time. Professional make-up artists have been visiting the school's 14 and 15 year olds and making them up to illustrate how they could look if they abuse alcohol over the next 20 years. Their before and after photos will be used to show the gradual changes over the years, similar to television programmes which show the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle as a child grows into an adult.

Recent research has shown that alcohol-related problems are on the increase with this age group and above. With a culture of binge drinking regularly hitting national headlines, the council's youth service in conjunction with the school have come up with an alcohol awareness programme which promises to be hard-hitting, but fun too. Youth workers are keen to work in partnership with the school and other professionals to make young people aware of the damage alcohol can cause, both in terms of behaviour and in terms of health and physical development.

120 young people from John Kyrle High School, Ross-On-Wye will take part in the programme which is funded through the Community Safety and Drugs Partnership. Each pupil will attend two sessions, the first of which will offer them the chance to see how they could look in 20 years time. During this session the young people will also be invited to wear beer goggles which give the wearer the illusion of being intoxicated, then try to walk in a straight line whilst being filmed. There will also be other games which will concentrate on the effect of alcohol, not only on the young people but on others around them. A representative from Alcoholics Anonymous will attend each of the follow up sessions to offer support and advice as the youth service team show the students some of the internal effects of alcohol using some hard hitting visuals.

'This promises to be an innovative way of getting some very important messages across to our young people,' said Sharon Menghini, director of children's services. 'Unfortunately, alcohol abuse amongst young people is on the increase nation-wide, and we need to work together with others to reduce this trend. The programme sounds like great fun and if successful, could be used in other parts of the county too.

Community Open Day at Whitchurch School

Whitchurch school hosted a highly successful Community Open Day on Saturday. The day had been arranged to promote learning for the whole community, to encourage those of all ages and interests to take advantage of the wonderful facilities the school has to offer.

Many representatives from around the Ross and Hereford area came to give information, advice, chat or simply entertain. The highlight of the morning was the Live Theatre Cooking hosted by local chef Jim Woods. Some interesting dishes were produced!

Pictured below are some of the day's events and activities.

The organizers would like to thank everyone who so kindly gave up their time to help on Saturday. The results of this consultation project will be shared in the near future, for more information phone 01600 890571.






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