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Issue No. 197 - Wednesday, 7th May 2008
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Necessary Changes to Wyenot

I have made some small changes to Wyenot as a whole over the past week or so. These changes are necessary to ensure the future of 'Wyenot News, WNTV - and, more importantly, the tourist attracting properties of 'Wyenot' as a whole. Wyenot may be doing much better financially than it was a year ago but it needs a lot more more financial support.

The changes will NOT impact upon users who already support us by advertising their business on 'Wyenot' in any way - other than perhaps that the new layout of business pages such as the ACCOMMODATION, DINING, PUBS, SHOPS, ACTIVITIES and LOCAL BUSINESS pages might be even more successful for them.

I hope that I have made it more obvious on these pages how to get listed and support Wyenot as we still need to increase support from local business sponsors. I have also introduced a 'pay monthly' option for the extremely successful full page ads. The return benefits for supporting Wyenot are pretty amazing, as those who have sent in testimonials will certainly be willing to tell you.

Unlike equivalent services in neighbouring towns, which have MAJOR funding behind them, Wyenot News and WNTV have never been able to obtain any grants. This is the problem with being the pioneer and therefore an existing private enterprise - people copy your ideas and are able apply for funding for a 'NEW' way of attracting tourism.

Other changes involve introducing a very small charge - only to those who do not already support 'Wyenot' financially - who wish to have events publicized on our extremely successful 'WHAT'S ON?' page. This is very necessary. The 'What's On?' page has been totally free to use for eight years and works very well but I am afraid that I can no longer afford to keep it free. Advertising events on the page will still be free for events which benefit the community as a whole. I need to start making a small charge though for those who wish to advertise events which only benefit their own business or cause - however worthy it may be.

The charge will only be £5.00 per event (£10 if you include a photo), which is excellent value because our 'WHAT'S ON?' page has a far bigger reach and is generally better value than a single line of text 'date and event' only in the local paper, for which a charge is made every 4 weeks.

For those who specifically ask me to cover an event for 'Wyenot News' which involves travelling - I am afraid that I need to think about asking for at least my travel expenses to be covered. It costs me personally a lot of money travelling to publicize local events. With rapidly rising fuel costs, I simply cannot continue to fund travel expenses from my own pocket.

Basically, 90% of the work we do - long hours in the office and out covering events, we still don't get paid for. When we cover an event for 'Wyenot News', we usually end up spending money rather than earning it and I need reverse this situation so that one day I can retire and pass 'Wyenot' on. Both Tina and I are beginning to feel the 'all work and no pleasure' impacting upon our health. Where we both enjoy covering most events it can get very tiring and, rather than look forward to 5 o'clock at the end of the working day, I personally look forward to 2.30 in the morning on Mondays and Tuesdays, or the pub closing on Saturdays, so that I can get to bed.

I hope that you will understand that these changes are really very necessary, and that I am not just being greedy. I am not a financially motivated or materialistic person. I spend virtually all of my life running this whole 'Wyenot' package from a wooden shed rather than an office, with 99% of the work I do covering events and editing both Wyenot News and WNTV News totally unpaid. I just need to be able to provide myself with enough income so that Wyenot will still be here, working for Ross for years to come.

The White House Guest House, Ross-on-Wye. Anchor Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Ross-on-Wye.
Launching the 'Friends of St Mary's' (appeal) from the Tower

The official public launch of 'The Friends of St Mary's' took place in and around St Mary's Church on Sunday, beginning with a service in which the work of the trustees of the new charity was dedicated. The service was attended by a congregation of around 120. The address was given by the charity's patron, Sir Roy Strong. Sir Roy is a well known figure both locally and nationally not least for his views on the need for church buildings to become fully available for wider use by the whole community and this was the subject of his address.

A reception took place in the churchyard afterwards, heralded by May Day carols sung from the tower by the church choir, Ross Town Band provided musical entertainment and the Bank Holiday rain managed to hold off for the duration of a most enjoyable event.

Not expecting the choir to be singing from the tower of St. Mary's, I went along to film them. This was the second job this week which told me how unfit I have become with age. Lugging two bags of equipment, I did eventually make it up the very dangerous winding steps to the top - breathless and heart pounding within my rib cage. Whilst up there I also took in the panorama on film, which can be watched in this week's WNTV NEWS programme.

Continued . . .

Friends of St. Mary's; Fiona Turner, Sarah Jones, Mark Sanderson, Jesse Norman, Gordon Lucas, Sir Roy Strong,
Peter Thacker,Tim Waters and Mayor, Derek Bedford. Ref: DSC_5107

About 'The Friends of St Mary's'

'The Friends of St Mary's' has been formed to help with the realisation of the Parochial Church Council's exciting and bold vision of a church building properly restored and reordered to enable it to be used for a whole new range of purposes by the whole town community. Broadly this will involve three phases:

Restore - Major work needs to be carried out on the tower and spire within the next year. This work will cost in the region of 200,000. Of this around half is already secured.

Rebuild - A new purpose built hall is to be built, attached to the church building. This will replace the present St Mary's Hall on the other side of the churchyard and as well as replacing this aged resource will also provide the church building itself with toilet and kitchen facilities as well as disabled access. This is currently costed at around 800,000. Again, half of this is already promised.

Renew - Once the above work has been accomplished, the third phase will be to reorder the interior of the church itself to create a flexible space that supports a greater range of activities. Much consultation with all stake holders needs to take place before an accurate costing for this can be possible.

'The Friends' is keen to enlist the support of the whole community in its work. Leaflets detailing membership options will soon be delivered to all homes in Ross. They can also be found in church, at the Market House or on line at Additionally, if you have any ideas for fundraising or would like to help please contact the Friends on 01989 565386 or at

On the ground. Ref: DSC_0649

Ross Town Band keep visitors entertained. Ref: DSC_0647

Looking east from the 'Launch Tower'. Ref: DSC_0640

Looking West. Ref: DSC_0643

North. Ref: DSC_0645

The town from St. Mary's Tower. Ref: DSC_0646

Walford, Ross-on-Wye

Quality Childcare from birth to 11 years

Jo Gilmour Ofsted registered Childminder

Please call 01989 564173 or email for vacancies


Extensions - Renovations - Brickwork
Stonework - Floor Laying - Roofing

Telephone Paul on 01989 564112
Mobile 07812 564112
Steve on 07971 535064

New Developments for Jamstand 2008

Those of you who watch WNTV News last week may remember our interview with Jack Baldus and other members of the Jamstand 2008 team. If you didn't see it you probably won't have heard the latest news. On Saturday, 26th July, there will be not one, but two stages down at the bandstand where visitors will be entertained by the best of local musicians. Over twenty bands have been booked for the main stage and the Courtyard Theatre and Music Pool have offered assistance by providing the second stage, improving the logistics of such a mammoth event.

The Music Pool and the Courtyard encourage young musicians to develop their skills and help to provide facilities to show case themselves. The recent Grounded concert at the Phoenix Theatre was a great example of this work. The young people involved with 'Grounded' will also be performing at Jamstand, so you can also look forward to hearing the popular 'Controversial Minds', Bekki and Shaun, The Sunshine Soul Singers and many more, as well as the great line up that Jack and friends have already organized. It is hoped to incorporate a skating competition at Ross Skate Park at the same time.

As Jack mentioned during our interview, there is going to be a variety of stalls at the event, but there is room for a few more. If you would like to have a stall at the Jamstand event, please email Jack at He will be delighted to hear from you..


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