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Issue No. 198 - Wednesday, 14th May 2008
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Bat Walk Around Wilton a Success

On Saturday evening a small group of people set off on a walk around Wilton in search of bats. The walk was organized by Ross Wild Connections in association with Herefordshire Bat Conservation Trust.

Wyenot News managed a brief chat with organizers Jessica Blake and Rebecca Collins before they set off with their bat detectors. We caught up with the group about an hour and a half later to find out how their search had gone.

You can find out more about the walk in this week's WNTV News programme.

Before the group set off in search of bats at Wilton car park. Ref: DSC_5118

Identifying the bats by their frequency on the bat detectors. Ref: DSC_0670
Mark Eden - car valeting service  based in Symonds Yat East.
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Karl demonstrates his flint knapping skills

Flint Knapper Karl Lee gave a great demonstration of his skills at Ross Heritage Centre on Saturday morning, showing how flint tools used to be made. Starting off with a large flint stone Karl began chipping away until sharp fine edges were achieved to make a knife blade, amongst other items. Karl has been flint knapping for seventeen years and makes the work look so easy. Apparently when he invited his audience to have a go themselves, however, they found it wasn't quite as easy as it looked. We were reliably informed that one of the best efforts was that of Emily White, aged nine.

Emily, by the way is quite a dab hand at making important finds. She has recently, for the second time, been awarded the 'Best Artefact' award by Hereford Metal Detecting Club for some finds she made whilst field walking. Emily wasn't using any equipment other than her eyes when she made the finds. The artefacts have been dated to the Mesolithic period and have been recorded by the British Museum.

You can see further coverage of this event in this week's WNTV News programme.

Karl Lee shows of his flint knapping skills at Ross Heritage Centre on Saturday. Ref: DSC_5026

Karl holds up a flint arrowhead.Ref: DSC_5031

Young Finder of the Year, Emily White with her dad on Saturday. Ref: DSC_5036

Some excellent examples of real flint finds. Ref: DSC_0664

Karl talks to Tina for WNTV News. Ref: DSC_0663
'The Halt' Self Catering, Homs Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Craig does his own detective work to find his stolen scooter

Local reader, Craig Morgan attended his school prom on Friday, 9th May, leaving his scooter in the rear car park, off Tudor Street at the back of his home. The following day at 9:30 he noticed that his scooter was missing, reported it to the police and asked neighbours if they had seen or heard anything..

The police telephoned Craig on Saturday afternoon to say that a resident in Corinium Close had found a tax disc belonging to his scooter in their garden.

Saturday evening found Craig in the Prince of Wales where the theft was mentioned to a friend. His friend asked if it was a Peugeot and on confirming that it was, Craig was told that it was in Purland Field and that it was burnt out. It had been seen there at approximately 6am Saturday.

Later Craig went along to the field and took some photographs (one of which can be seen below) and telephoned the police. This was at approximately 7:30pm. The police operator explained that there were only two police officers covering Ross and that they would get someone out as soon as possible.

The following day Craig was informed that the police and the recovery firm had not attended the scene until midnight. Meanwhile, having followed their own enquiries amongst local residents during the morning, Craig found out that two local children residing in Tudorville had been involved. On telephoning the police to give them this information, he was told that the police were very busy dealing with other incidents and that it would be two to three days before they could begin to follow up the information on the boys in question. The boys in question had been seen loitering at the end of Tudor Street at 2am on the Saturday. Craig was told that the scooter had been taken by the boys to an address in Purland where a screwdriver had been used to open a compartment under the seat where a pair of gloves, a helmet cover and tax disc were kept. These items were later seen in the hedgerow of the same property in Purland along with the screwdriver. It is thought that the two boys had attempted to start the scooter but on having failed had taken it to Purland Field to burn the evidence.

All of the evidence gathered was passed on to the police on the afternoon of Sunday, 11th May. When Craig asked what would happen to the boys if they were found guilty, he was told, 'Probably a slap on the wrist.'

'I feel that the amount of phone calls and running around that has been done, that I have done the police's job for them,' said Craig. 'I have told them my feelings.'

The burnt out remains of Craig's scooter
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Improving 'Wyenot' - Did it really look like that?

Wyenot has been running for eight years this month - I started to build it in May 2000 and contrary to popular belief, I do not just take photos and film stuff then send it to some magic service which puts it out for me. Every single aspect of '', including the website itself, the news and the television service is all my own design. I built it completely from scratch. When I first started, I even hand built the computers on which to develop the service.

With the possible exception of our kids on occasions, people tend to learn from experience and this is what has happened to me with the 'Wyenot' design over the years. (God knows how many bikes the kids have had stolen from the garden and they still forget to lock them up.)

I did get the basic format right from the very start. The time I spent experimenting to achieve that was time extremely well spent because technically, 'Wyenot' has been the biggest achievement I have ever accomplished. It hit the major search engine rankings immediately in the number one slot for almost everything 'ross on wye' related and has pretty much remained the same since its first week live, back in December 2000.

Continued . . .

The old page style.

I have made cosmetic changes every now and again however and this is the topic of this article. It all began when somebody called me over whilst I was dropping Tina at work last Friday evening. 'I had half an hour to spare at work this week and spent it looking through your archive,' he said. 'It is amazing how much 'Wyenot' has got better over the years.'

I never really get to look back myself. With the amount of work involved with the every day news stuff - building new pages, filming, photographing and editing - I just don't have the time. Other than a 'Facebook' account I set up recently to keep touch with my friends and family, believe it or not, I am probably the most general internet illiterate person around. I had to get my brother to talk me through the 'Facebook' thing. (But I do learn quickly and you can 'add' me if you like -

I know the techy, nerdy, programming stuff very well indeed. That comes naturally to me and I don't even have to think too hard to solve computer problems. As for the everyday internet stuff though. I haven't a clue as to how to sell a record collection on Ebay or book an air ticket on-line. That stuff totally baffles me - mainly due to the over busy layout of that type of web site.

Anyway, the conversation I had about the archive pages on Wyenot made me look back myself over the weekend. You know how it is when you see a cine film or here a voice recording of yourself, playing cowboys and Indians when you were nine or something and you want to cringe - 'surely I wasn't really like that!' Looking at the early pages of 'Wyenot' did that to me and I needed to do something about it.

Continued . . .

The new page style.

Whilst most of Ross were out enjoying the sunshine on Sunday, I spent 12 hours, sweating like a pig in my office, updating the look of the early 'Wyenot' pages. Not changing the content - just presenting it in what I think is the altogether better looking more recent layout. I got about a hundredth of the way through the 6,000 plus pages in that time, completing all of the 'Photographic Map' pages and many of the 'Places of Interest' and 'Archive' pages. I will work on the rest over the coming months.

I also added the complete set of 'link' buttons to these pages. This will help advertisers in a big way! When I first built 'Wyenot' I had no idea just how popular it would become - and how many people would 'go in via the back door'. People searching for 'Llangrove' on Google for example end up at the 'Llangrove' page on 'Wyenot'. Those who are not that observant then think that the 'Llangrove' page is the only one available. Once I have adapted every page to the new layout, people will be able to see immediately, from every page of Wyenot that there is accommodation available and there are pubs and shops and ordinary business people active in the local area.

I am pretty confident that these changes will improve the already amazingly successful tourism and business advertising properties of 'Wyenot' even more. I hope you like the look of them too.


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