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Issue No. 204 - Wednesday, 25th June 2008
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WNTV Visits the Furze Pig Hedgehog Rescue Centre

Wyenot News paid a visit to the Furze Pig Hedgehog Rescue Centre in Peterstow on Monday to talk to proprietor Maureen about the work involved in running a 'wildlife hospital.'

As we talked, Maureen happily showed us around the centre and introduced us to Hector, who has almost made a full recovery thanks to Maureen's care.

You can see some of our visit in this week's WNTV News Programme.

Hector obligingly uncurls for the camera. Ref: DSC_0775

Hector tucks in to some cat biscuits. Ref: DSC_0776

Hector is almost well enough to be released now. Ref: DSC_0778

The Pet Goose at the Furze Pig Hedghog Rescue Centre. Ref: DSC_0782
The White House Guest House, Ross-on-Wye. Anchor Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Ross-on-Wye.
Virginia McKenna Opens the Violette Room

When it was decided that one of the guest rooms at Holme Lacy House should be dedicated to wartime heroine, Violette Szabo, Rosemary Rigby MBE, owner of the Violette Szabo Museum at Wormelow looked at several possible rooms before having a 'feeling' that Room number 206 was the right room for Violette. Violette seems to communicate with Rosemary!

Actress, Virginia McKenna, who played the role of Violette Szabo in the war film, 'Carve Her Name With Pride' was pleased to be asked to cut the ribbon on Friday morning, when the room was officially opened.

Virginia McKenna OBE cutting the ribbon at the opening of the 'Violette Room' at Holme Lacy Hotel.



Reasonable rates

Telephone: 01989 564041
Mobile: 07800 518353

Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
The Jamstand Team Rock The Bridges Centre

Jamstand organizer Jack Baldus and his band Funkosphere arranged a fund raising event at the Bridges Centre in Monmouth on Friday evening and gave a great performance. Also appearing at the gig were The Dandelion Killers and The James Magic. 'Signature Promotions' managed to raise approximately £300 from the concert which will go some way to helping with the costs of staging Jamstand 2008.

Another fundraiser for Jamstand will be taking place at The Riverside Inn on Friday, 11th July between 6 and 10pm. Jack visited us at Wyenot News HQ to talk to us about these events and you can hear what he had to say in this week's WNTV News Programme.

Unfortunately, I was not able to include much of the video footage in the programme as, in the small room, it was deafeningly loud and as a result, the sound recording was extremely distorted. I actually felt the wax running into my ears and quite uncomfortable during the performance by the Dandelion Killers. Please take note of this lads. I am not just a moany old git. I grew up spending every weekend during my youth at the Roundhouse, with bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Zeppelin Hawkwind, Status Quo and Floyd playing but it was rarely uncomfortable to listen to. The one exception was Deep Purple, when our friend, passed out due to the volume. We had to support her through the whole show as we could not get her out through the crowd. Sometimes, louder is not necessarily better! Other than the volume, I really enjoyed the show.

Funkosphere at the Bridges Centre on Friday. Ref: DSC_5161

The James Magic. Ref: DSC_5135

The Dandelion killers. Ref: DSC_5145

A young lady joins Funkosphere. Ref: DSC_5180

Hi to my old Friends at Ecclesiastical Insurance!

I called into the offices of Ecclesiastical Insurance in Gloucester on Monday. I worked for 'Ecclesiastical' between 1970 and 2000, with a one year break in 1971, and as I am sorting some matters regarding my pension, the payroll department needed my birth certificate, which I did not want to trust to snail-mail.

On the way there, I actually felt kind of nervous. I have no idea why - guess I just was not sure how much things might have changed in the 8 years since I left. There was however no need to have worried whatsoever. On arrival I met lots of old friends, some of whom I had known for the full 24 years between the time in 1976, when I relocated with the company from London and the time I left, in May 2000.

Over the time since I left the company, I can count the times I have revisited Gloucester on one hand and I had not seen many of my friends at Ecclesiastical (most of whom I had known for virtually half of my life) in 8 years, until Monday.

It was really great to see you all again! Jesse is arranging a Friday very soon, when we can all meet and remember the things we used to get up to back in our more 'youthful' days. I am really looking forward to seeing you all again in an 'out of the office' environment!

The photo below is the only one from my collection I could find quickly but I am sure I have more.

Jess and Mike: please point this article out to as many of my old friends at 'Ecclesiastical' as possible - far too many to mention here. I still think of all of you from time to time... (It helps me get to sleep when I am suffering from insomnia.)

Jesse Smith and Alan Wood - back in 1982. The Maintenance Room, where we used to meet for a skive.

Congratulations to Marcus and Wan!

Congratulations to Marcus Robertson, son of Ross Gazette editor, Chris Robertson on his recent marriage in Thailand to Wan Pen.



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