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Issue No. 212 - Wednesday, 20th August 2008
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In Memory of Cyril Sheppard

Cyril Sheppard was a well respected member of the community and worked with Ross Lions Club for over thirty years. It was Cyril who designed and planted the beautiful Caroline Symonds Gardens for the enjoyment of the residents of Ross and it's visitors.

In honour of his memory and the work he did, Ross Lions have provided a seat and held a special commemoration service by the Bandstand on Saturday, which was attended by members of Ross Lions Club, Mr. Sheppard's niece, Moira and her husband Michael Dyson, from Leatherhead, Surrey and many of his friends and neighbours.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Derek Bedford, who in his prayers said, 'May those who enjoy its comfort give thanks for him when they read his name, this seat, here to mark the life of Cyril Sheppard, we dedicate to his memory and honour'. Reverand Bedford also said, 'May this countryside, that he loved, be preserved, protected and enjoyed by all who visit this river bank'.

In memory of Cyril's work on the gardens, Ross Lions have planted a Silver Beech tree on the riverbank near to the tunnels.

Cyril loved to visit the riverside on a Sunday afternoon to sit and listen to the Brass Bands playing on the Lions Bandstand. He could also consider all the work he had put in on the Caroline Symonds Gardens which, later he was no longer able to do.

After raising funds for the poor and needy and serving the local community, the Lions decided that providing a lasting memorial in his name would have been appreciated by Cyril. They do hope that residents and visitors enjoy using the seat and think of Cyril when looking at the view of Caroline Symonds Garden.

The Reverend Derek Bedford dedicating the seat to Cyril Sheppard.

Guests at the Dedication Service, some sitting on the memorial seat.

Planning Refusal for Garden Room Overturned

Rick and Debbie of the Hope & Anchor are delighted at the news that Herefordshire Council have overturned their original decision to refuse planning permission for a garden room at the riverside pub.

The proposed Garden Room, which will provide extra seating for customers of the Hope & Anchor will be sited where the current tea shed stands and will be built using reclaimed wood. The Garden Room will also provide a lovely riverside venue for a private function.

Debbie spoke to WNTV about their plans. You can hear what she has to say in this week's WNTV News programme.

Debbie and Rick are pleased that their plans have now been accepted. Ref: DSC_DSC_6834

Music on Saturday Night

Great local band Funkosphere were giving their all during their performance at the Hope & Anchor Conservatory on Saturday evening.

This band play a great set of R & B, funk and soul which soon has people up on their feet. The bands line up on Saturday were brilliant keyboardist, Jack Baldus, guitarist / lead vocalist Clive Hoare, guitarist Tom Lee-Hynes, drummer, Jodie Hoare, gifted bass player, Liam Lee-Hynes and Geoff Hoare on trombone. Sorry we couldn't stay for long guys, but what we did see was great! Look forward to seeing you again soon.

After watching Funkosphere, we went up to the Prince of Wales, where young band, Absynthe were performing some great rock covers. I've watched them grow over the last three years and they are well worth going to see.

Funkosphere at the Hope & Anchor Conservatory on Saturday. Ref: DSC_DSC_5637

All eyes on Jack as he launches into his solo. Ref: DSC_DSC_5647

Absynthe gave a great performance at the Prince of Wales. Ref: DSC_DSC_6831

Check That Your Bus Pass is Valid

Bus passengers throughout Herefordshire who travel under the Herefordshire Council concessionary bus travel scheme are being asked to check that they have an up-to-date pass. In April, 2008, local bus passes were replaced with the new English National Concessionary Bus Pass that allows holders free off-peak bus travel throughout England as well as local travel in Herefordshire at all times of day.

Over 25,000 local people, aged 60 or over or with a disability, are already using the new passes, but Herefordshire Council's public transport manager, Jim Davies, feels that there are still some who are yet to apply. He said, 'Old Style Herefordshire passes and temporary English National passes can only be used until the end of September. Because the new English National bus pass is an electronic smartcard, it has to be ordered separately for each applicant and this can take some time. I would therefore urge anyone who is still using an old-style pass to apply for a replacement as soon as possible.'

The old passes can be recognized by the fact that they are in laminated paper form with the holders name hand-written. These were originally supplied in a green plastic wallet. As these passes were issued before the new national scheme was announced, many of them carry an expiry date several years into the future but, despite this, they cannot be used for travel after September.

English national bus passes are available to anyone over the age of 60 and to many disabled people. Applications can be made at any of Herefordshire Council's Info Centres at Bromyard, Hereford (Garrick House), Kington, Ledbury, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye.

Further information on the scheme is available from the council on 01432 260500.

Lions Help Student with his BA Degree

Local man Robin Shepherd, whose family live close to the John Kyrle High School had difficulty in finding the money to purchase materials for his final piece when completing a show towards his BA degree at Chelsea School of Art. Not knowing where else to turn, he approached Ross Lions Club who were happy to help.

Recently Robin wrote to the Ross Lions to thank them for the generous offer of 200 which helped him buy the best materials to create a high quality piece of sculpture. It also helped him learn how to use these most suitable materials. He said he would not have been able to invest in these materials without the assistance of the Ross Lions.

Robin has now finished at Chelsea and ended up having a very successful degree show. He graduated with a First Class Honours degree and was also awarded the Outstanding Graduate Award for the piece of work he showed, two things that he really feels proud of.

The show Robin put on of his art work is the first real point of contact with the art world and the best thing that came out of his degree show is that he is now working closely with a gallery called the Hannah Barry Gallery situated in South London. He is currently working on a group show for the gallery and has also been offered a solo show next year. It is quite unusual to be working with a gallery so soon after graduation and this makes his gratefulness towards the Ross Lions even greater.

The Ross Lions President, Keith Wilding, said it was one of the aims of Lions to help young people reach their potential and on behalf of members of the Ross club he wishes Robin all the best for the future and perhaps one day he can put on a show at Ross.

Robin Shepherd BA

Robin Shepherd and his mother by the sculpture


Dear Alan and Tina,

Having been out in Iraq for the past four and a half years, 'Wyenot News' is about the only thing, that keeps me sane these days. It is to my great delight, that I can show my Iraqi colleagues where I come from (avec beautiful pictures no less). It is with anticipation that I open my computer, on a Wednesday morning, to catch up with the latest news of home.

When Alex grows out of his/her nappies, and, is allowed further than the end of the garden lawn, he/she will soon realize that no matter how far you roam, no where is quite like home, and, to which end, having such a spectacular organ to report the goings on of a special place like Ross, is not a given, but reliant on people that have the selflessness and stickability (to quote Baden-Powell) of your good yourselves.

If Alex would like to contest my opinion of the wonderful service you perform, for the benefit of Ross-on-Wye, I would be more than happy to make my case in person during my next home leave.

Kind regards,


Thank you for your letter Nick. I was not going to run any more 'Alex' letters but I thought your comments were so nice I just had to publish them.

It is really great to hear from you and I am so glad to be of service whilst you're out there in Iraq. It is people like yourself who make it all worthwhile!

Looking forward to seeing you again on your next return to the UK.

Alan and Tina

Dear Mr Wood,

I wonder if you can tell us anything about the building in Over Ross Street called Cobbold House. We cant decide if it was formerly a church or chapel, or a school. Internet searches turn up nothing related to Cobbold House and Ross-on-Wye.

Regards and thank you for a most informative site.

Mrs P M Eccles

I am afraid that I know nothing about Cobbold House. Maybe one of our readers does and would like to contact Mrs Eccles.


Hi Alan,

I noticed your wind turbine article, 'Plans for a residential wind turbine at The Granary, Mansell Lacy, Hereford'

As viewed from that local web-cam, what next? lol.


Hmm. This wind farm bears a striking resemblance to one possible futuristic view from the White Lion web cam.

Strangely enough, I was chatting seriously to Landlord, Dave about becoming self sufficient in the electricity department only the other day. Wasn't expecting this much, quite so fast though!

Nature Watch: The Swallows Are Growing

The swallows which were born in the pergola at the White Lion Inn returned from Africa this year and had chicks of their own. A few weeks ago, I filmed the new chicks fledging their nest and ran the film on WNTV. Well they have grown a lot over the past month and on Thursday, I filmed a very vocal, and almost tame swallow chick for this week's programme.

The very vocal sparrows at the White Lion are almost tame. They are certainly not frightened by human visitors.

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station Readings
Figures for week commencing Monday, 11th August 2008
n Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Sunshine (hours) 2.5 7.1 2.7 9.8 9.8 0 5.9
Rainfall (mm) 11.0 9.5 0.4 0.2 Trace 8.8 6.9
Rainfall (inches) .42 .37 .02 .01 Trace .35 .27
Maximum Temperature (C) 19 19 18 20 20 18 19
Maximum Temperature (F) 66 66 64 68 68 64 66
Minimum Temperature (C) 14 13 11 10 7 14 11
Minimum Temperature (F) 57 55 52 50 45 57 52
Soil Temperature at 10cm Depth (F) 63 63 59 59 59 61 61


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