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Issue No. 222 - Wednesday, 29th October 2008
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[Gas Leak at Aylestone Hill and the rest of the news from around the region]
My Astrophotography (and campaign for darker skies)

In this week's WNTV programme, I have run a short item explaining how photographing the stars is accomplished. (Well at least - how I try to accomplish the task.) Below are roughly processed images from the two filmed photographic sessions - one last Wednesday from home, the other, the following Monday from the relatively darker skies as seen from Ross Sports Centre at Wilton.

The first image is of the Orion Nebula and was taken on Monday. At a distance of 1,500 light years, the Orion Nebula is 2.5 light years across and is a place where over 700 new stars (or suns) and planets are still forming from the stellar gas. What you see is a glimpse back in time. The light from this nebula may have reached my camera on Monday, but it set out on its journey towards Earth in or around the year 500 A.D.

If you have really good eyesight, this area is just visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Orion - it is in the hunter's sword. The second photo is one I took of the whole constellation a few years ago. The long exposure shows just how much light pollution sodium lights cause, in a sky which appears totally black to the naked eye!

Continued . . .

The Orion Nebula (M42). Nikon DSLR at prime focus of 8 inch Schmidt Cassigrain Telescope.
2000mm focal length at f10, 1600 ISO - 4 x 30 second exposures, stacked.

A photograph of the whole constellation of Orion which I took from Foy back in December 2004, through the light pollution caused by the distant 'Somerfield Depot' area. The nebula can be seen (just) in this picture as a fuzzy patch in the sword.

Herefordshire Council and developers, please take note of this second photo and start using those lights with shields, which direct the light towards the ground. Pretty as the photo may look as a nightscape, when you consider that it was taken from Foy Bridge and how dark it appears if you are there after 'dark', it just goes to show how much light pollution is caused by sodium lights. Our 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' is one of the few areas in the country which still has relatively dark skies, though far fewer stars are visible in the night sky now, compared with when I first came to Ross in 1976!

The third image is of the gas giant planet, Jupiter with two of its moons, Io on the inside and Europa on the outside. The other moons were outside the field of view of the imager but were visible through the eyepiece of the telescope.

The forth image is of Gamma Cassiopeia, which is an eruptive variable star, about 14 times the radius and 15 times the mass of our sun. It is approximately 610 light years (3,600 million, million miles) distant - a mere stone's throw in astronomical terms.

Interestingly, if you ever happen to be space travelling somewhere in the vicinity of Alpha Centauri (which at a little over 4 light years distant is our closest neighbour) our sun will appear in the constellation of Cassiopeia - on the left hand side, making the distinctive 'W' shape of the constellation into a zigzag.

The final image of the planet, Jupiter with two its Gallilean moons, Io (innermost) and Europa.

Gamma Cassiopeia surrounded by some of the smaller stars which are invisible to the naked eye.


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Old Court Farm - Self Catering at Symonds Yat.

Walford, Ross-on-Wye

Quality Childcare from birth to 11 years

Jo Gilmour Ofsted registered Childminder

Please call 01989 564173 or email for vacancies

Wye Valley Relocation

Finding homes for you throughout the beautiful
Wye Valley, Forest of Dean and Black Mountains.

Full details available at:

Planning for Real at Ross Library - Your Views Needed

RoWToP, the Ross Town Plan steering group are currently holding a series of sessions to which the public are not only invited, but urged to attend and put their views forward as to how they would like to see the town develop.

This coming Saturday, 1st November another session will be taking place, this time at Ross Library between 10am and 4pm.

Consultations so far have attracted 384 responses, which in a town with a population of around 10,000 accounts for only a small percentage of residents. Your views count and it is your town's future that is being planned for. Why not go along and have your say?

Mike Arnison's Nature Photos

Thank you to Mike Arnison for sending these fantastic photos of Deer in the Forest and for the stunning light and shadow, photo, which was taken whilst on his way to photograph the deer.

Mike said,'I was out in the Forest for about five hours and got just a couple of decent shots, they hide, just after you get the tripod down and focus on them. I have had no wild boar sightings but have seen quite a few deer.'

Mike and I are going into the forest together today (Wednesday) in an attempt to both photograph and film deer. If we are successful, I expect there will be another Steve O'Kane song' on next week's WNTV programme.

Young People to Launch Anti Bullying Charter

Young people from Herefordshire will be launching an anti-bullying charter at a youth conference organized by young people and Herefordshire Council this week. Herefordshire youth council has been working hard on developing a young person friendly version of the charter. They will be talking to other young people at the conference to find out how they feel about bullying and what they would like to see in the charter.

The conference, which takes place on Friday, 31st October at Hereford Sixth Form College, is a free event for 11 to 19 year olds and has been organized by the Herefordshire Youth Council, the Shadow Board and Youth Opportunity Fund team with support from Herefordshire Council's youth service. Together, they are collaborating on an anti-bullying charter which is clear and simple to understand across a wide age range.

The charter will be the focus of consultation at the conference and eventually schools, pupils and youth centres across the county will be asked to sign up to it. The conference events have all been organism by young people with support from the council's youth service. Following a short introduction from the youth council on the anti bullying charter the young people attending will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of workshops which include drama, dance, music, self defence and art.

In the afternoon, the infamous Scary Guy will be running a session with the young people before they get the chance to grill council chiefs and MPs on bullying and youth issues in a half hour question time session. A selection of stalls promoting services for young people will be open during the breaks and lunch and there are plans to end the day with a live performance from a local band.

Councillor Jenny Hyde, cabinet member for children and young people, said, 'We are really proud of our young people. They've worked incredibly hard with support from the council's youth service, to put this conference together. Bullying is a big issue for young people across the country, so we are delighted to be supporting a young person friendly version of the anti-bullying charter in Herefordshire.

As our youth council have played an instrumental role in writing this, I feel sure it will become a valuable resource which will help young people know how to get help if they feel they are being bullied.'

Reverend Tony Kelk's Last Assembly at Goodrich Primary

Goodrich Primary School's local vicar, Mr Tony Kelk is retiring from the local community and took his last assembly at the school on Wednesday. The event was a special occasion with a presentation.

In the photo, some of the children can be seen at the presentation with Rev. Tony Kelk (back left) and head teacher at Goodrich Primary, Tony Griffiths.


It has been 3 years since the last Potters Bar Reunion Party,

so we have decided to hold another.

All who remember the Potters Bar
and those who would just like an evening of great '70s music

are Invited to come along on

Saturday 22nd November at 8.00pm

to the The Original Potters Bar
(Now the Hope & Anchor Conservotary)

Original Juke Box Records! - Football Table! - Meet Old Friends!
Bring all your old photographs!

Please invite your friends!

A scene from the 2004 Wyenot News Potters Bar party. Ref: DSC_6679


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