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Issue No. 223 - Wednesday, 5th November 2008
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Hallowe'en Manifestations at the Coningsby Museum?

This year at Hallowe'en, rather than go round and about the town photographing fancy dressers in the local drinking establishments, I covered a real, live paranormal investigation. Along with local paranormal investigator, Natalie Lawrence and mediums, Sharon May, Jackie Mecke and Adrian Pengelly I went to the Coningsby Museum in Hereford for a Hallowe'en vigil.

Although I have on occasions witnessed unexplained phenomena, I personally believe that most things supernatural will eventually be explainable by science. There is much that humans do not yet understand about the universe. 70 percent of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy, which we simply cannot see. Time itself is not a constant. Before the 'Big Bang', time itself did not exist.

I went along to Friday night's investigation with an open mind though, to report events, if and as they took place and try to look at them rationally. I have to say that personally I did not sense anything unusual in the building. This was probably because I was concentrating hard on filming in total darkness, trying not to trip over my own camera equipment and make a noise most of the time. Others - the mediums were convinced that they did sense a paranormal presence on several occasions.

I have produced a film, which contains most of the evening's events, edited into a 40 minute programme. Enjoy! . . .

Mediums, Jackie Mecke (left) and Sharon May sense a presence in the chapel. Ref: DSC_1021

Ref: SDC10069

A 14th Century female burial inside the museum. Ref: DSC_7961

Medium Sharon May and paranormal investigator, Natalie Lawrence. Ref: DSC_7977

Medium Jackie Mecke (wearing red scarf). Ref: DSC_7976

Before the vigil began. Ref: DSC_7958

The Chapel. Ref: DSC_7964

In the museum. Ref: DSC_7972

Ref: DSC_7971


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Ghostly Orbs? The truth is out there!

These photos were taken by other people during Friday's investigation. They were uploaded to 'Facebook' with comments mentioning 'orbs'. Please do not think I am deliberately trying to debunk paranormal causes for these orbs. I am just looking objectively at the facts and searching for the truth

Unexplainable 'orbs' do, definitely, occasionally manifest themselves on photographs. I can vouch for that because I have had it happen to me on two occasions. I have also once photographed something in Goodrich castle dungeon, which I would definitely describe as a 'ghost' - whatever a ghost might be. But I have to be honest here and say that, I know nothing about the paranormal. I do know a little about photography though.

I could well be wrong but it is my personal belief that the 'orbs' in these photos are most likely due to the flash light not being powerful enough to fill in all of the pixels in the camera's CCD chip. If you look at my own photos (above), I used a powerful external flash unit on a pro. Nikon camera to light up the building. You can see the camera hanging round my neck in the photo below. The photos above show no sign whatsoever of 'orbs' - neither do any of the others I took during the course of the evening and have not shown here.

I do hope that I am wrong because there must be more to life than being born to struggle through it, reproduce and then die - forever.

It is too much of a coincidence that our one planet formed, at exactly the right distance from the sun to allow the conditions for life to evolve. Although we have found planets outside the solar system, there is nothing exactly like our earth in the observable universe. If even just the moon did not exist, neither would we. The moon's gravity tugs at Earth's oceans, keeping them at bay and we would drown, should it suddenly vanish one day. And we would never have evolved had it not been there in the first place. I do believe however that life exists elsewhere in the universe.

Something must have created the first hydrogen atoms, allowing gravity to crush them together enough for them to fuse them into helium in a neclear reaction so that the fist sun could turn on. That 'something', whatever shape or form it may take - even if it is some other kind of particle - has to be the 'Creator'. 'God'. Yes there is definitely more to life - and possibly even some form of mental existence after death. But then... Why do people never see ghosts from the stone-age? Why are ghosts virtually always wearing costume from the past 1000 years? Is it because, maybe - just maybe, we are looking for what we want to see?

Healer and medium, Adrian Pengelly senses a presence around him and through the wall of the chapel.

A strange mist fogs a photo of me, interviewing investigators, Natalie Lawrence and O.J.

Is there a ghostly presence around me as I film the 14th Century burial?


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