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Issue No. 224 - Wednesday, 12th November 2008
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A Great Firework Display!
(Despite the somewhat moist conditions)

Despite the awful weather on Saturday, Ross Lions' Bonfire and Firework Display was far from being a wash out! Between 1600 and 1800 people turned up to watch this great annual event, which they appeared to be enjoying to the full. We covered as much of the event as we could before the equipment became dangerously wet and went home absolutely drenched, but having really enjoyed the evening. We have received the following letter from Lions' Publicity Officer, Bernard Fowkes, which reads:

'Regardless of the weather the people of Ross were determined to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night and a fair sized crowd of around 1600 to 1800 turned up at the Chase Hotel grounds to try and enjoy a huge bonfire and the usual fireworks display. Just before the fireworks display started, the heavens opened and rain poured down. However, this did not dampen the spirits of the crowd and the queue for hot-dogs, burgers, pork rolls and drinks continued well into the evening.

The fireworks did not fare so well though and, although the display wasn't too bad, only about half of them would light because they got damp. They were still enjoyable though and the crowd gave a rousing cheer for the Lions at the end of the display. A lot of work had gone into organizing the evening and the Lions were just as determined as the spectators to carry on with the event, hoping the rain would hold off long enough.

The Ross Lions President, Lion Keith Wilding, wants to thank families and friends of Lions who helped in the preparation of the night, especially under the prevailing conditions. He also wishes to thank the Chase Hotel who year after year allow free use of their grounds. However, Lion Keith saves his special thanks for the public who braved the elements in order to support the Lions in their efforts to raise funds for local charities.

The Ross Lions would like to apologize to the town for the noise made by fireworks being ignited on Sunday morning. This is usual practice as the unspent fireworks are disposed of in the 'recommended safe way'. Unfortunately, there were a lot of unspent fireworks. The Lions were not disrespectful on Remembrance Day and did stop placing fireworks on the bonfire well in advance of the two minutes silence, which they themselves observed, and fortunately the silence was maintained. Thank you again to those who supported the Ross Lions and we look forward to seeing you at our future events.'

Thank you to Ross Lions Club for putting on this fantastic event year after year for the people of Ross-on-Wye and the town's visitors to enjoy. Long may your good work continue.

The heavy rain did nothing to quell the crowds enjoyment of the fireworks display. Ref: DSC_8031

There was still a beautiful display going on. Ref: DSC_3948

Lots of colour and lots of noise. Ref: DSC_3982

The huge bonfire took a while to get going properly. Ref: DSC_8018

This guy, made by the cubs is ready to be dressed.

The cubs did a really good job of dressing the guys.

The building of the huge bonfire ready for Saturday.

Setting up the marquees for the refreshments which were enjoyed.

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Mark Eden - car valeting service  based in Symonds Yat East.
Morris Bricknell, Chartered Surveyors, Stroud House, 30, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5LE.


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Telephone: 01989 564041
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Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.

Wye Valley Relocation

Finding homes for you throughout the beautiful
Wye Valley, Forest of Dean and Black Mountains.

Full details available at:


Wyenot News.

I would just like to thank you for the work that you put into this website. We live in the hills in the Scottish Borders although my husband was born in Wales and went to Monmouth School. Due to age and health problems our family are insisting that we move back to civilization. We have just put our house on the market but at the present time are not too hopeful about selling. We have always liked Herefordshire and have appreciated very much being able to look at your website. If we have any interest from potential purchasers in our house we will be coming to Ross to look at houses.

Again, Thank you.

Ann Davies.

Thank you for your nice comments, Ann. Sometimes when I work away here in this room alone, I wonder if there really is anybody out there watching. I know that there is, of course because I receive the moan and groan letters but it is easy to forget sometimes that there are those who actually like what they see. Your words renewed my faith in what is going on here. Thank you.


My wife and I have decided to spend a few days in and around Ross-on-Wye next year. I came across your web site and was impressed with the wealth of information about the area.

Two comments:-

You appear not to show any car parking in Ross-on-Wye, together with the location of the main shopping area. As I suspect most visitors will arrive by car, it would be nice to have some idea of the location of public car parks in relation to the main areas of interest.

In particular, you make no mention of Blue Badge parking, and there is really only passing reference within articles to the Ross-on-Wye Shopmobility. I have limited mobility and it would have been a great help to have this information included together with all the other information about Ross-on-Wye.



Thank you for your comments, Richard.

I run 'Wyenot' wholly as an individual - it is not a council sponsored information service and I report local news, all of which I research with just the help of my partner (as in live with partner), Tina. I receive no support financially - other than from those few people who advertise with me for what is a 24/7/365 job and I mostly struggle to survive.

All charities, including 'Shopmobility', seem to expect me to publicize them for free and I just cannot do it. This is why they have no particular mention by way of advertisements. Because I cannot afford to place free advertising on 'Wyenot', (after all, I have a family to keep as well) they get me to cover them in the news as often as possible.

I would love to be able to put the odd thing such as 'Shopmobility' on 'Wyenot' for free but as soon as I do that - all local charities', of which there are hundreds will expect me to do the same for them. I do do an awful lot for most local charities - covering their fund raisers and other events in the weekly news and TV programme.

Over the past 8 years, Wyenot has brought literally hundreds of thousands of tourists to Ross, all of whom spend money in local shops. If you look at the 'Shops' page and see how many out of at least a hundred shops in town support my Wyenot venture, you will see that you can count them on one hand. Every one of the shops in Ross gains business in one way or another from Wyenot due to these tourists!

Car parking. Well, really there is not much - only a couple of small car parks which are in the town and there is a diabolical one way system which diverts traffic past the town rather than attract it in. These are County Council run car parks and Herefordshire Council does not support me. Even though I always publish their news every week for free... 'Herefordshire Council are good because this - or that - or the other' most of which is stuff arranged by other people on whose bandwagon they wish to jump. Same with local politicians. Many a time I have seen local people do the work and the local MP just turn up for the photo shoot

All of the streets in main town, and some in the suburbs are covered photographically - links from the Street map page.

I am very sorry if your particular topic is not covered adequately but there comes a time when enough is enough and I do not intend to put any more of my blood, sweat and tears into something for which I am receiving very little reward. Having said that, some local businesses - a couple of pubs, an estate agent and most local B & B establishments do support me. To these people, I am extremely grateful. It is these few kind people, who do appreciate the time and effort put in, and support me who restore my faith, helping me to keep going.

'Shopmobility' is in the Red Meadow car park - follow the signs to the swimming pool.


Down By The River, Talking To The Moon

Hi Al,

Here are 2 copy pastes of emails I found when I got back tonight. Thought you might like to know how much people are appreciating your video work!!

My very best wishes as ever,

(Steve O'Kane) . . .

"Hi Steve, I have listened to 'Down By The River' and was impressed by the film making and your song. If I were you I would package both this and the previous song and video, 'Talking to the Moon' to the USA as quickly as you can. They would love it.

Best wishes,


"Loved al the songs, and the video to Down By the River is gorgeous.

Fox and Hounds Folk Club"

Maybe we should team up on a full time basis and make some dosh, Steve! (I think I just saw a pig fly past my office window.) You write such great songs and I enjoy filming nature more than filming anything else. Hope everybody likes 'Passing Stranger' I'm also working on the proper 'Down By The River' song video, which will be released as soon as possible.


Christmas Crafts for Charities

Ross-in-Bloom are holding their annual Christmas Craft and Charities Event on Sunday 30th November this year and anybody who would like to sell their crafts and bric a brac to raise money for their particular charity is very welcome to take part. Space under the canopy is very restricted so anybody wishing to take part should apply very quickly, as this space will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Macmillan Cancer Support works closely with Ross-in-Bloom and will be drawing their big raffle that day at 3pm. There will be lots of great prizes so why not go along and buy some tickets? Whilst you're waiting to hear if you are a winner, have a browse around the stalls for some lovely Christmas cards and gifts.

Branching away from the usual format, and to ensure that the whole weekend is one big Christmas Event, on Friday, 28th November there will be a new venture, a 'Local Authors' Day.' As the title suggests, people who have written publications and books with a local flavour (fact or fiction) are invited to have table space at this event. Anybody who thinks they might like the opportunity to sell their books, and perhaps sign them is invited to apply for a pitch space.

Stalls for both events are £5 per day. If there are any vacancies left on 'Local Authors' Day,' charities that are unable to attend on the Sunday can apply for any spare pitch available. Cards for Good Causes will be upstairs in the Heritage Centre so with the events downstairs and the cards upstairs there should be something for everyone.

Entry forms are available from Ross Heritage Centre or you may reserve a place by telephoning 01989 563056, before 8pm. Some tables will be provided but all stall holders will need to supply their own chairs, etc. Everyone who takes part will be asked to dress their stalls and themselves with a Christmas theme to make the days very colourful.

Ross-in-Bloom holds events such as these to help raise money towards costs incurred for their judging day and all proceeds will be put towards their entry for 2009 in the Heart of England in Bloom in July. They are hoping that as many local traders as possible will open up on the Sunday to make the day a special Christmas Shopping event for the whole town to enjoy.


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