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Phase one of the refurbishment of Ross Police Station is now complete and we were delighted when Inspector McLaughlin invited us to talk to him about the work for WNTV News.

The Customer Service Area has been transformed from a small, dark and uncomfortable room into a bright, spacious, waiting area with comfortable seating and better accessibility for the disabled. A T-loop for the hearing impaired has been installed, there is a wheelchair ramp to the door and also a toilet facility fully equipped with handrails etc. It is also more comfortable behind the counter for the staff who operate this area.

After the Inspector had shown us around the new reception area, he invited us to take a look at the much improved Interview Room. This once rather dark and intimidating room is now light, spacious and soundproof! Inspector McLaughlin explained that people occasionally worried that somebody might overhear their interview by listening at the door. This could potentially put them off talking freely when giving statements etc. Eavesdropping on this new room however, is now impossible, so visitors can be assured that whatever they want to say can be said in complete confidence.

We were really impressed with phase one of the refurbishment programme. Phase two, which should be complete by the end of March involves the total renovation of the detention area. At present, due to the currently outdated facility at Ross Police Station and the refurbishment in progress at Hereford, persons to be detained for longer than six hours have to be transported to Leominster, which does take up a lot of valuable police time. Once the work is complete, however, these journeys will no longer be necessary.

Thank you for showing us around Inspector. Ross Police Station is now looking much more user friendly, so to speak and will prove to be an even more invaluable asset for the community of Ross-on-Wye.

A WNTV video of our visit to Ross Police Station can be viewed below.

Inspector McLaughlin talks to WNTV in the new, soundproof interview room.

Norman, Liz, Glenys and Inspector McLaughlin.

Invaluable 'front of house' staff, Glenys and Norman.

A view of the transformed waiting area from behind the desk.

The soundproofed interview room offers complete confidentiality.

Access to Ross Police Station is made much easier with a ramp and hand rails.

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