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The Wye Valley From The Air is another short film which takes in Foy Bridge, Backney Bridge, Ross-on-Wye, Wilton Castle, Goodrich Castle, Kerne Bridge, Symonds Yat and Tintern Abbey. I have been making this series of films to help promote tourism in the area via 'wyenot.com' medium.

As mentioned in a previous article, I am also currently working hard, revamping the pages of 'wyenot.com' which boost tourism to the area. I have recently updated many of the old style - and even many of the very first pages on 'wyenot' to the new style. Judging by the general increase in 'thank you for the info' mail I am receiving from tourists, this has so far been a success.

Regarding the latest film. Tina likes it and, were she still alive, my Mum would obviously like it but to be absolutely honest, I am not happy with my own camera work on this one. Although I have filmed from helicopters several times in the past, this is my first serious attempt at moving film from the air and I think I am going to go for a remake as soon as I can arrange a flight in the aircraft again. It was necessary to handhold the camera, and I had not really thought about how the motion of the aircraft would combine with my normally unsteady hand (I usually mount the camera on a steady support). The result is a film which, although in Hi Def, shakes much more than I would like. Unless you want to find your house, it is possibly better to watch this one on the page rather than full screen.

I must stress that Nick Dale, my friend and pilot of the Heliflight helicopter, did an absolutely fantastic job of flying the aircraft smoothly for the filming. No matter how comparatively smooth a ride the helicopter gives though, holding the camera by hand whilst sitting on top of an engine powerful enough to lift two, not exactly bantam weight males half a mile and more off the ground by rotating a large wing above your head is very difficult.

Despite my own misgivings, I hope these are mostly due to my striving to be a 'perfectionist' and I sincerely hope the film does much to promote the beautiful Wye Valley. It was terrific fun to make as I love flying. The other films in the series are certainly being watched by those looking to holiday in the area. The most popular film in terms of daily views so far is, 'A Day out in Symonds Yat'. This time lapse sequence has been watched by 600 unique viewers in a little over a week and is fast catching up with the 'Seasons in the Wye Valley' film. All of the 'wyenot' tourism films can be watched from this page. My favourite of the short films is, funnily enough, the one which gets watched least - Springtime in the Woods.

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The Wye Valley from the Air.
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