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Bluebells in the Forest of Dean was my initial chosen subject for this, the next high definition film in the series for the tourism section of 'Wyenot'. I did not expect it to include deer. When I specifically go out to film deer, they prove to be extremely elusive. However, whilst I was filming the bluebells today, two deer approached me and virtually posed for the camera. I was kneeling on the ground at the time, filming at bluebell level and imagined that as soon as I moved to point the camera, they would run off but far from it - I filmed them for about 5 minutes in total (though I have only used a short clip here).

The sequence was shot in the Forest by Soudley Ponds - an area I know virtually every square inch of as I used to go walking there most lunchtimes when the company I worked for bought the old gaol building at Littledean. I worked in that building between the years of 1984 and 1990.

The whole of this film, from filming to editing was achieved in one day, and I must say, it was a very nice day. It was rather spur of the moment really as I was home alone, fed up with looking at the computer screen and made the decision to film it whilst eating lunch.

All of the other HD tourism films are proving to be a big hit with those looking to holiday in the area. The Symonds Yat film has been watched 1,708 times as I type and I estimate from average daily viewings that this figure will reach 2,000 on 21st May. The Wye Valley from the Air film has been watched 1008 times as I type but this was only made a month ago, so the viewer levels are pretty much the same as for Symonds Yat.

I hope you, and in particular, those looking to visit the area enjoy watching this latest addition and that you find it relaxing. Filming it was beautiful and lifted my mood from being pretty grim back to feeling cheerful and positive again.

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Forest of Dean Bluebells, Water and Wild Deer.

Soudley Ponds.

Bluebells at Soudley.

Bluebells at Soudley.

Another Soudley Pond.

A snapshot taken from the video.
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