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For many years now people have enjoyed canoeing down the River Wye and stopping to camp overnight on the riverbank at the White Lion Inn at Wilton, before setting off the following morning for Symonds Yat. This facility is now under threat due to objections from Bridstow Parish Council and a few immediate residents. Dave Newman, Landlord of the White Lion arranged a meeting which took place last Thursday to discuss the issue properly, as he had previously been unable to state his case fully. There were several points raised at the meeting which was attended by four members of Bridstow Parish Council, John Edwards, Chair of Ross Sports and Leisure Federation, the County Land Agent, George Thompson and Chris Burgess, Area Manager for Enterprise Inns.

A Ross Town Councillor had been approached on the subject but informed Mr. Newman that it was a Parish Council matter and nothing to do with Ross Town. Which brings us to point one.

1. Ross-on-Wye relies heavily on tourism and in this time of recession, anything that can help to boost the local economy should be welcomed. The people who camp at the White Lion more often than not, go into the town centre and spend money in the town's shops, restaurants and pubs.

2. The camping facility is used by many schools and organizations taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Schemes.

3. Camping is no longer available at Benhall Farm. This means that, if the White Lion Inn is no longer allowed to accept campers, there will be nowhere along the river between Hoarwithy and Symonds Yat for canoeists to pitch up. This could potentially put an end to this popular activity in Ross-on-Wye itself, as such a distance is too far for the average canoeist to travel in one day and certainly too far for those striving for their D of E Awards.

4. The landlords of the White Lion do not allow cooking or glassware on the riverbank. Any disregard of this rule is replied with advice to stop, then followed up with a request to leave if an offender should persist. (These cases are, however, extremely rare.)

5. At Wyenot News, we receive many hundreds of enquiries each year as to where people can hire canoes in Ross-on-Wye. Until the River Wye Canoe Hire Company (which incidentally is not part of the White Lion business) began operating from the riverbank at Wilton, there was nowhere and we had to direct people to Kerne Bridge, Symonds Yat or Monmouth. Since advertising the canoe hire company on Wyenot.com, Proprietor Mark Simons has been inundated with calls to such an extent that he has needed to extend his fleet. Those using this service often go into the town after their trip and do their bit to boost the local economy.

The ownership of Wilton Village Green (VG8) had been in dispute but it has now been clarified that the land is in fact registered to Enterprise Inns. There is an issue regarding camping on Village and Town Greens however, no matter who the land belongs to and an application to English Nature who govern such matters is being made by Enterprise Inns.

If you would like to lend your support to the White Lion's endeavour to be allowed to continue to offer camping facilities, please send your letters of support in the first instance to Mr. & Mrs. D. Newman, The White Lion Inn, Wilton Lane, Wilton, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 6AQ.

It seems to us that, whenever somebody does something to help local tourism, (or when an enterprise is successful) a small minority, with nothing better to do than look for something to argue about have to do their very best to try and spoil it.

Canoeing at Wilton has taken off since advertising the canoe hire at Wilton, and this is boosting the local economy!


Police are appealing for witnesses to a road traffic collision on the A49, at Pengethley yesterday in which a woman driver received serious leg and chest injuries.

The collision occurred at 4.35pm, on Thursday 14th May at the junction with the A4137 (to Whitchurch). It appears that a VW Golf travelling south on the A49 was in collision with a BMW also travelling south and slowing to turn right towards Whitchurch. As a consequence, the BMW collided with a Vauxhall Corsa waiting to turn left on the A4137 onto the A49. A Vauxhall Astra also received a glancing blow in the collision.

The lady driver of the Corsa was trapped in her car following the crash and required the Fire Service to cut her from the wreckage. She was taken to Hereford County Hospital with serious leg, chest and wrist injuries. Her condition has stabilised and she has been transferred to an admissions ward. The male BMW driver suffered a broken foot in the collision but was not admitted to hospital.

Police would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the collision or who saw the vehicles involved immediately prior to the crash. Anyone with information should contact PC Bob Anning of the Roads Policing Team at Hereford Police Station on 0300 333 3000.


There will be an activity for children of all ages to take part in at Ross Market House Heritage Centre on Wednesday, 27th May. Anyone taking part will be able to make an Underwater Fossil Scene and a Silurian Mask.

The activity will run from 10.30am to 12.20pm. It will only cost 1 per child, but booking is advisable to ensure a space. However there may be drop in spaces available on the day should you be unable to commit to a booking right now.

Telephone 01432 260675 to book or for further enquiries.

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