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I found this footage recently and edited it to make a short film. Last evening, I met Alan Weston's friend, Rob Little and told him about it. To my surprise, he was not aware that the footage existed and asked for a copy. This made me think that many more of Alan's friends might well like to see it, so I have put it here, and if you would like a permanent copy, I will give a link from which you can download it after the following explanation.

I cannot remember the date, but it will be some time during the early 1990s. Those who remember the year that Safeway was being built will be able to date it precisely as this film is of a balloon flight, and from my photos, taken from the balloon, I can see Safeway building part complete. (20 May 2009: Rob Little has since looked this up in his flight log and this flight has now been dated to 22nd May 1992 - 17 years ago tomorrow, as I write.)

I was at work one day and Alan telephoned me. 'How do you fancy going balloon flying tonight?' He asked.

Of course, I have always loved flying but had never been in a balloon before, so I was happy to accept the invitation. I went in the balloon, along with pilot, Rob Little and Mike Davies, whilst on the ground, Alan Weston, his wife, Carol and Mike's wife, Jill provided the backup support. Little known at the time, they also filmed the flight from the ground and the footage includes some typical coverage of Alan being Alan, and doing what he loved best - anything to do with flying.

I am sorry that the sequence is in black and white. It was filmed on VHS video tape and the tape, being around 20 years old had lost its colour information when I rediscovered it.

If you would like to have your own copy, go to my Vimeo Page for this particular video, scroll down and in the bottom right corner, the 200 meg, standard definition 3mps wmv file can be downloaded. You can then put it on DVD or whichever system you happen to use.

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Archive Balloon Flight from Ross - In memory of Alan Weston.
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