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Throughout the month of April, as part of their twentieth anniversary celebrations Colin's Tyrecare were offering free entry into a prize draw to everybody that called into their premises for a free tyre safety check. The offer was extremely successful with over 200 entries and on Monday, 18th May the lucky winners were presented with their prizes by proprietor Colin Davies.

There were eight winners in all and prizes ranged from a baseball cap and sweets, won by Mr. Peter Crocker to the first prize of £200 worth of vouchers which were won by a very pleased Peggy Tolley. Driving School operator Mr. Philip Jones and Mrs. Mo Gwynne each won an emergency tyre repair kit, which will enable them to temporarily repair a puncture in seven minutes without the need to change a wheel. Mrs. Libby Aubrey won a laptop bag, two polo shirts were won by Ian Williams and Colin Guy won a car safety kit. A set of binoculars was won by Fred Druce, who was unfortunately unable to attend the prize giving.

Colin was really pleased with the response to the draw and said, 'The competition was really popular and the winners are really happy with their prizes. Despite the April celebrations being over now, the offer is still open to motorists wanting a free tyre check to make sure that their tyres are safe. Service has always been a priority for us; that is the reason for our slogan - Don't trust to luck. . . Let Tyrecare take care.'

For further information about tyre safety checks, contact Colin's Tyrecare on 01989 768301.

Prize winners Ian Williams, Peter Crocker, Mo Gwynne, Matt Symonds, Peggy Tolley, Lucy Aubrey, Libby Aubrey and Philip Jones with Joan and Colin Davies.


The community project to create a mosaic that will be site outside of Ross Library is now well underway and members of the public were invited to participate at the first Open Session which was held at Ross Market House on Sunday. Ross Town Mayor, Councillor John Edwards placed a stone on the plan watched by Mayoress, Susan Edwards, artsist Janice Barrett, Mary SInclair-Powell, Kate Murray and a little helper.

The whole community has been invited to participate in the project and many groups and organizations, including all schools in the district have been able to have their ideas incorporated into the design.

Mayor Edwards lays down a stone on the mosaic which, when complete will be sited outside Ross LIbrary.

Mayor and Mayoress Edwards, Little Helper, Janice Barrett, Mary Sinclair-Powell and Kate Murray on Sunday morning.


The significance and quality of the Ross Primary Schools Choir Festival has been recognized by Ross Town Council, The Elmley Foundation and the Ernest Cook Trust who have between them awarded grants to cover the entire cost of the festival this year.

The Choir Festival was launched to great acclaim with its first event IN 2008 and is set to become an annual event involving choirs from 8 local primary schools and 180 children. 'The award of these grants is an enormous boost to our morale as well as making the event financially secure,' commented Fiona Turner one of the event organizers.

The festival is the brainchild of two members of staff from Bridstow Primary School, Fiona Turner and Andy Pullen, who decided to organize an event which could benefit as many children from as many local primary schools as possible. 'We would like to be able to include all the choirs from all the local schools but unfortunately we can't find a suitable venue which is large enough locally,' said Andy Pullen. 'We are very lucky to be able to use St Mary's Church and Church Hall which they donate to us for the day.'

Head Teacher at Bridstow Primary School, Paul Sockett is naturally very proud of the success of the Festival. 'We pride ourselves on our singing at Bridstow School, it is an important part of our school life. The Choir Festival gives our choir and the choirs of other local primary schools a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and enjoy each others talents.'

The popularity of the Choir Festival is in no doubt judging by the enthusiasm of the children and staff who took part last year and who are getting ready to take part again in June this year. 'The choirs taking part have to put a lot of work in but it's well worth it in the end, particularly when we are treated to the sound of 180 children singing their hearts out in 2 part harmony for the final performance,' said Mark Sanderson, Director of Music at St Mary's.

A workshop for anyone interested in running youth or school choirs is being held on the afternoon of June 16th. Anyone interested in taking part should contact Andy Pullen at Bridstow Primary School on 01989 562623.


The Ross Sports & Leisure Federation, set up as an independent organization by the Town Council, has been making good progress during its first year. It has received financial donations of 5,000 each from two local companies-- Dawleys and PGL, which enabled it to qualify for charitable status. At the same time a board of independent trustees, drawn from local businessmen, has been appointed and has met three times already.

Existing sports and leisure organizations are being invited to become members in order to provide grassroots support to the efforts by the Federation to put Ross on the 'sporting map'. Working parties have been set up to look at various sectors. These include fund raising to finance a long-term target of creating a new community based sports and leisure complex; sorting out the current problems at the Wilton Sports Centre; and assessing the prospects for other local requirements including the launch of a cinema.

While cinemas are relatively easy to set up with modern technology, there are several questions to be resolved. The main question, however, is whether there is sufficient local demand for a cinema in Ross. The Federation's chairman, John Edwards, would be interested in suggestions and ideas from residents in Ross and surrounding districts to see what kind of support would be forthcoming.

You can contact him by e-mail on info@ross-sports-federation.org.uk, by telephone 01989 769090 or write to Cradoc House,Gloucester Road, Ross on Wye, HR9 5LR.

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Ross-on-Wye Sports Federation recently held its AGM at the Larruperz Centre.
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