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Those of you who read my blog will know that I climbed the side of Hay Bluff, alone on Sunday to make this film and that I am sure that the climb nearly made my heart give out. This short film is the result of that little escapade.

I have made it for the tourism part of 'Wyenot' and have also made a new page about Hay Bluff to go with it. This is part of my master plan to spread the tourism section of 'Wyenot' further into the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean.

I believe that in the blog, I said that I would also be filming May Hill for inclusion in this film and that it was going to be about hill walking. (I say, 'believe' because I have been asleep since I wrote the blog and I'm too lazy to read it again at the time of night I am writing this.) I did film May Hill, on Tuesday and Tina came with me. We took it very slowly and she actually made it to the top. (For those who don't know her, this was a real achievement as Tina suffers badly with a spinal problem.) As it worked out though, I am trying to keep these 'short' films short in reality, and there was too much footage from Hay Bluff to fit them both into one movie.

I hope you enjoy the views. The film was exhausting to make but I really enjoyed making it. One of the best, I think. It is, as always in high definition, so you can watch full screen, but if either your computer or internet connection is slow, you can switch HD off and watch in SD - though the quality obviously will not be as good if you do.

Sorry this is a rather quickly scrawled item but I have been at this computer all day and it is very late. The other thing I did today (yesterday actually as it is 1.30 am) is update the map on the 'Ross-on-Wye' page - exchanging the original I drew back in 2000 with a panoramic aerial photo of Ross Town, which I have made interactive. Enjoy!

Feeling on Top of the World - Hay Bluff..

A. scene from the film.
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