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In order to keep the video articles on 'Wyenot' permanently I recently needed to reorganize them. I used to keep them on our own server but had to start deleting to make room for new, so I decided to utilize YouTube for the news and music type videos and Vimeo for my short HD films. I have to pay when people watch HD on 'Wyenot' from the Vimeo account as I want the quality of reproduction to be good, and so did not want to fill this up with the every day news and music stuff. To this end, I had a complete reshuffle and totally deleted the original material I had on YouTube.

Some of the material I deleted had been watched thousands of times - one video in particular had been watched 38,000 times and so I was a little unsure whether or not do delete them, but anyhow, I did. One of those I deleted was that of a Kent Duchaine performance at Ross Cider, which had been watched about 3,000 times. The day I removed it, I was quite surprised that I started receiving emails from Kent Duchaine fans in far away places asking me to put it back.

I did not keep my original edit of this film but, to keep the Kent fans happy, last night, I found the original footage in the archive and put together a remake. I think this may be different songs to those used originally but I hope this film serves as a suitable replacement.

My apologies to Kent himself - I have spelled your name wrong on the intro to the film, Kent. I noticed after a video render and upload process which took 4 hours of computer time. I will change it if ever I get hold of one of those 'roundtoits', hopefully before the next time we meet.

For those who do not know, on Friday (12th June), a blues night will be taking place at the cider farm with the great, 'Broome Cupboard Blues', supported by 'Kinda Blues'. We are coming back from our holiday specially to attend and cover this one. Hope to see you there.

Kent Duchaine at Broome Farm 2008.
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