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The refurbishment programme for the Police Station in Ross-on-Wye is now complete and an official opening ceremony took place on Thursday, 18th June. The station now benefits from a new, more user friendly front counter suite, a sound proofed interview room and a new detention zone.

The opening was performed by Ross Town Mayor, Councillor John Edwards, who was delighted with the new look of the station. Before cutting the ribbon, Councillor Edwards said that he was very pleased with the performance of the Ross Policing Team, especially over the last 18 months during which there has been a significant reduction in antisocial behaviour in the town.

Councillor Bernard Hunt, Chair of the Herefordshire Policing Board and member of the West Mercia Police Authority, said, 'This is just the latest in a number of buildings projects around the county and the force area which will enable West Mercia Police to provide an even better service to its local communities.' Mr. Paul Deneen DL, Chair of the Police Authority commented, 'These excellent new facilities show the commitment by the Police Authority to provide the best possible environment in which to conduct business and demonstrate that the mission statement of West Mercia truly is 'Serving, Protecting and Making The Difference.'

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The newly refurbished Police Station opening - Tina interviews the police and visiting dignitaries.

Refurbishment at the police station include a much larger and brighter front counter area for both callers and staff, together with a revamped and greatly improved custody suite area which will allow local officers to deal with prisoners, not expected to be detained for longer than 6 hours, at Ross rather than make the current journey to and from the main custody suite at Leominster. This will allow officers to remain at Ross and deal with persons arrested in a quicker and more efficient manner, thereby speeding up the process of administering justice.

A delighted Supt Kevin Purcell, Head of Policing Operations was present and said, 'This is a fantastic facility and we are very grateful to the Police Authority and people of West Mercia for providing it. We will ensure we use it to good effect and obtain best value from it.'

During the refurbishment period, Ross-on-Wye Bowling Club had kindly allowed the staff of Ross Police Station to use their car park. To show their appreciation of this, Inspector McLaughlin presented the Captain and the President of Ross Bowling Club with a bench, so that spectators of the club's matches might view the proceedings in comfort.

We were delighted to be invited to the opening and took the opportunity to talk to Mrs. Joyce Thomas, MBE-DL, Inspector McLaughlin and others present about their views on the new look Ross-on-Wye Police Station for WNTV News.

Ross Town Mayor, Councillor John Edwards cuts the ribbon to officially open the newly refurbished Ross Police Station.

CSO Paul Leighton show us this hi-tech machine that will reveal if a person is still under the influence of drink or drugs.

Superintendant Kevin Purcell 'arrests' Mayor Edwards and Mrs. Joyce Thomas MBE-DL in the new cell.
Back row: Paul Deneen, DL, Superintendant Purcell, Councillor Bernard Hunt.
Front row: Cpatian of Ross Bowling Club, with Inspector McLaughlin and the President of Ross Bowling Club, John Perks

Ross Policing Team making sure these three shady characters don't nick the bench! (only joking)
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