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I am showing this film here because when I uploaded it to both Vimeo and YouTube, it seemed to attract quite a bit of interest. It occurred to me on Friday that, just lately, I had not made any time for the main thing in life that I enjoy - astronomy and so I got the telescope out. This short film shows the filming of the Moon in HD.

This is not the method I would usually use. Normally I would take photos using a camera specially designed for astrophotography, which shoots video frames to stack into a crisp, still image. In this case, I simply plugged a Nikon D90 camera (a superb piece of photographic equipment, which, as well as being a great stills camera, can also film video, in 720 HD) into the eyepiece end of the telescope. The film is made by simply using the telescope as a 2000mm lens, attached to the camera.

The film itself was shot in 1028HD, using a proper Sony video camera but is rendered as 720HD as this is the limit of the Nikon D90. This is still higher than standard broadcast quality.

The moon appears a little fuzzy due to the Earth's atmosphere moving. This is why the usual method is to shoot video and stack about 600 frames to make one still image.

Filming The Moon.

Friday's Moon - phase 10.99 days. 8 inch SCT, Nikon D90 - an extract of two frames from the 1024 x 720 HD video, reduced in size using Sony Vegas and stacked using Registax. (This is a quick test stack to get an image to use here. The final image, if I ever get around to stacking it, will be much sharper.)
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