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There was lots of fun to be had by all at Bridstow School on Saturday afternoon at a special Community Fun Day that had been organized by the school, Bridstow Parish Council and many other groups and organizations from the village. There were lots of side-shows and stalls to be enjoyed, demonstrations of dancing by the children and a lovely song which a young choir sang a song not only in two part harmony, but also in Welsh.

Although the day began with beautiful sunshine, clouds began to loom as opening time approached and after Councillor Harry Bramer opened the event, the heavens opened bestowing a quick, but heavy shower. Undaunted, the crowds hid under the shelter of the gazebos until the storm subsided, then it was back to business and the tug-of-war contest.

There were three teams in the adults contest: The White Lion, The Posties and Bridstow Parents. After some very entertaining contests, The White Lion team were declared the winners. Well done to Dave, (Coach), Vic, Laister, Christo, Ricky, Steve, Nick, Wayne and Alan. (Yes, I did say Alan!) It was suggested that the winning team try to pull against the steam engine that James Lilwall had taken along for the children to ride on, however, it was not to be. Too many children wanted to be driven around by it.

Every body seemed to enjoy the afternoon and it is hoped that the Bridstow Community Fun Day will become a popular, annual event. You can see some of the fun that went on by watching WNTV.

Bridstow Community Fun Day.

Councillor Harry Bramer was pleased to open the Bridstow Community Fun Day on Saturday.

This young choir sang beautifully in Welsh.

James Lilwall with his steam engine provided lots of fun for the children.

Lots of people turned up to enjoy the Fun Day.

A lovely dancing display was put on by some of the children.

The White Lion tug-of-war team prepare to do battle. Well done guys.
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