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The 1st Ross-on-Wye Rainbows visited Ross Fire Station on Thursday to see what they could find out about the danger of fire and how fire fighters work. They had a tour of the Station, saw the equipment and special clothing that the fire fighters have to wear when going to fight a fire and found out how the retained fire fighters know that there is a fire. The Rainbows also found out about what Fire Fighters do apart from fighting fires. To the Rainbow Guiders' relief this turned out to be attending road accidents, rescuing people from rivers and getting cats out of trees.

The Rainbows also took part in a quiz and learned what to do if there was ever a fire in the house or a building that they are in. They also watched a demonstration of how smoke detectors work and how they can save a life by giving early warning of a fire. One Rainbow (who shall remain nameless!) informed the rest of the group that the smoke detector in her house goes off 'when her Mummy does cooking'!

Outside the Station the Rainbows watched as the Water Tender returned from a tractor fire that the two Fire Engines had gone to put out. It was unlucky that the Engines were both out when the Rainbows visited but this brought home the message that fires can happen at any time and any place and that Fire Fighters are needed all of the time to keep us safe from fires.

The Rainbows would like to say a very big thank you to the Fire Fighters who showed them around, and to all of the Fire Fighters in Ross-on-Wye who do such a good job in keeping everyone safe.

For information about 1st Ross-on-Wye Rainbows please call Jules King on 01989 568941. To find out about Guiding, including Brownies and Guides, call District Commissioner Julie Morgan on 01989 562591.

Ross Rainbows at the Fire Station on Thursday.
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