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30th August 2009 THE WYE AND THE SKY..................
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This time lapse sequence was filmed by the River Wye at Ross by night and includes: 'electric swans' (swans caught by the sodium lights on Wilton Bridge and speeded up), the moon and moonlit clouds over the river.

In the star sequence, the camera is pointing at Polaris (dead centre of the screen) and as well as the stars rotating anticlockwise around the pole star, due to the Earth's clockwise rotation, the sequence of 400 frames shows aeroplanes and a satellite entering the field of view.

The Polaris sequence was filmed with a 10 second exposure every 23 seconds, and during one of the 13 second periods in which the shutter was NOT open, a fireball meteor shot directly across Polaris. Just my luck for the shutter to be closed at that moment! The still images which make up the first sequence caught Daubenton's bats swooping on water catching insects but unfortunately, these flash by too quickly in the movie version to detect.

In the moon over the river shots, the object to the left of the moon is the planet, Jupiter.

The star sequence was filmed at Hole in the Wall and I must say that, whilst there, alone by the river in almost total darkness, with the sound of owls and other wildlife, my thoughts began to wander to an old urban myth we used to hear told about the 'Chase bends' in Dagenham. 'A mad axeman supposedly cut off the head of the driver who had walked to the garage after running out of fuel and was banging it on the roof, with his lady friend still inside'. I expect you have heard the same tale - different location. I began to feel spooked at every sound in the hedgerow whilst the camera clicked away. I stuck it out though. Hope you enjoy the film, which is best watched full screen away from sunlight.

The Wye and the Sky - a time lapse sequence.

The Wye.....

....and the Sky. The white streak is a satellite wandering across the sky in a north to south Earth orbit.
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