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15th September 2009 RECENT SCENES FROM THE WYE VALLEY.........................
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Some readers may have already seen the web versions of the films about Ross-on-Wye, the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean which I have been shooting and producing this year. To this end, I am still filming, and will be throughout the autumn and winter months. Below you can see just some of the scenes from films I have already made, and some that I am in the process of making. Some of these shots were taken as recently as this weekend.

For the photographers out there who would like to know how it was done: the top scene, that from Symonds Yat Rock at night, was taken in almost total darkness and shows just how much the orange glow from sodium street lighting pollutes our night skies. The photo is a 30 second exposure, taken at f3.5 and 3200 ISO using a Nikon D90 camera and 18 mm lens. The shot is straight from the camera - no colour has been added. You may notice how much brighter the orange glow is above Ross and the Depot to the left - and how the ambient light pollution radiates outward to Symonds Yat and beyond.

Whilst taking the scene for a time-lapse sequence (which did not actually work very well in the end), I spent Sunday night alone at Yat Rock, other that is than my small dog, Eric. When I am alone in a dark place, all manner of spooky thoughts begin to enter my head and at one point when I was shooting this scene, Eric had been laying down sleeping next to me for half an hour when his ears suddenly pricked up. He then stood and began to growl into the darkness behind me. This is totally out of character for Eric and at this point, I have to admit that I would have been better wearing my brown corduroy trousers! I could not see a thing in the darkness and felt extremely uneasy. It could have been a wild deer that spooked him, I don't know, but it certainly made my heart beat a lot faster

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This long exposure view from Yat Rock in apparent total dankness, taken on Sunday, 13th September shows the orange glow of light pollution from sodium lights.
A lot of stars are visible in the gap in the cloud cover which were invisible to the naked eye, due to the long exposure time.

As regular readers will know, I am currently working on producing a DVD about Ross, the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean which will be in extremely high broadcast quality and can be played on a standard DVD player. The short films I have been producing and the photographs on 'Wyenot' are already a big boost to tourism to the area but, in order to keep Wyenot in general working, I seriously need to start making some money quickly. All of the work I do, filming events such as the Country Festival, the Carnival, Jamstand and all of the other festivals is unpaid work.

Readers may have noticed me filming for full days at Jamstand and the other events but will not have seen the three or four 18 hour days which immediately follow these events - the time I spend working alone at the computer, editing the footage into viewable short films. All this work is unpaid work, which I would not mind doing if I had enough support for 'Wyenot' to keep it running at a small profit but I do not. I am hoping that selling the DVD I am producing will be a solution to keep 'Wyenot' afloat for the future.

The DVD will contain the scenic films that some of our viewers have already seen plus some more unseen footage. The short scenic films will be introduced by myself. They will be viewable as one long film, however each chapter / subject will also be viewable separately. If everything goes according to plan, I am hoping to get the DVDs produced in time for Christmas. If this deadline turns out to be too optimistic, I will have them ready for the very beginning of next year's tourist season.

I am after a favour here - volunteer outlets for the finished product. Ideally, I really need these to be places which will offer voluntary help, without taking a cut as I am hoping that the money this DVD earns will amount to quite a chunk of that needed to keep 'Wyenot' afloat next year. If you have a shop, guest house, hotel - anywhere from which you can help me with sales voluntarily, I would be very grateful if you would please let me know, so that I can start planning, and get some idea as to whether or not to go ahead and outlay the necessary money for bulk professional reproduction of the DVDs.

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to offer with this. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the captioned views below...........

September early morning mist on the River Wye at Symonds Yat. (Photo taken just after dawn on Saturday 12th September.)

The ferry at Symonds Yat soon after dawn.

Arthur's Stone in Dorstone, Herefordshire - a Neolithic long barrow and most likely the burial place of several stone-age people.

The pre-harvest moon rises above Arthur's Stone on Thursday, 3rd September......
(I filmed the pre-harvest moon because I was aware that the weather forecast predicted the actual Harvest moon day to be cloudy.)

The moon is joined later in the evening as twilight falls by the gas giant planet, Jupiter.

Cloud begins to form above the long barrow hours after the sun has set.

A firework display adds to the atmosphere whilst filming Ross-on-Wye in time-lapse.

The sun sets in gold over the River Wye. (Filmed from Royal Parade.)



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