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14th October 2009


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Congratulations to Mike Johnson of Ross Cider & Perry Company, who on Monday, was awarded CAMRA's Pomona Award 2009. Ironically, the award was not given to Mike for the wonderful cider and perry he and his team produce up at Broome Farm but for being, in CAMRA's words, 'A selfless devotee to the world of real cider and perry, and a mentor to many of the UK's successful producers.'

Mike was selected for this prestigious award after a series of glowing nominations from CAMRA members and people within the cider and perry industry. He was singled out particularly for his work in nurturing new talent in the cider world. One individual who nominated Mike Johnson for the Pomona Award 2009 said, 'Mike is a very good cider-maker but the reason why he deserves to win this award is nothing to do with his skill in this respect. In short, the cider and perry community owes Mike a huge debt of gratitude for his selfless dedication to helping encourage new producers to enter the market, even though they are in direct competition with him. This attitude, combined with his interests in ecology and benefiting the local community through holding an annual Cider Festival is reason enough to give Mike this award,'

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Sarah Newson of CAMRA's Cider & Perry Committee presents Mike Johnson with his well deserved Pomona Award.

The Pomona Award is named after the Roman Goddess of apples and is presented by CAMRA to the person, place or thing who has done the most to promote real cider or perry primarily over the previous twelve months and secondarily, where there is no outstanding contender in the last twelve months, for ongoing work.

Upon receiving his award Mike said, 'I am very surprised to win as I didn't even know I'd been nominated. It's really gratifying for me and the team of people that put a lot of work into being hospitable and encouraging more people to make cider. I started producing myself in 1984, and it's great there's been a renewed interest in real cider in recent years.'

CAMRA's Cider and Perry Committee also noted that while Mike's extensive charity work, which has seen him donate significant sums to development charities around the world was not a factor behind his success in the Pomona Awards 2009, his willingness to help others is nevertheless a key reason why he has contributed so much to the cider and perry industry.

Sarah Newson, Vice Chair of CAMRA's Cider and Perry Committee who presented Mike with the Pomona Award said, 'It is with great pleasure that we have chosen Mike as the winner of the Pomona Award 2009. CAMRA's Cider and Perry Committee agreed there wasn't a more deserving winner to be found in the industry and we hope he can educate and influence cider and perry producing enthusiasts for years to come.'

After the presentation was made, Mike's sister Hilary served a delicious lunch which everybody enjoyed, along with a glass or two of cider.

Continued... Mo Needs Your Help.

Some of the Broome Farm team await the presentation.

Enjoying a delicious lunch and a glass of cider afterwards.

Mo Needs Your Help

Regular readers of Wyenot News will be aware of the work that Maureen (Mo) Webb carries out at the Furze Pig Hedgehog Rescue Centre. Mo takes in injured and/or malnourished hedgehogs and nurses them back to health before releasing them back into their natural habitat. The work is both expensive and demanding, especially now that Mo has 22 hedgehogs in her care, most of which will be with her for the winter.

Mo could really use your help to be able to continue her good work. Donations are always welcome, however, old newspapers to line the cages are always gratefully received, as are tins of fish-free dog and cat food and the occasional packet of digestive biscuits, which apparently the hedgehogs really enjoy. Mo is also looking for foster homes for some of the Furze Pig residents. Fostering a hedgehog is quite a commitment, as is looking after any other animal, but if you have a pet cage or rabbit hutch that is currently out of use and you can spare the time to look after one of these lovely creatures, Mo would love to hear from you.

Mo also asks that you take care when tidying your garden or before lighting a bonfire and check to ensure that a hedgehog hasn't curled up in the heap first. She recently had to treat a hedgehog whose feet had been burnt when somebody had lit a fire not realizing the hedgehog was there.

If you can help Mo in any way at all, then please contact her at the Furze Pig Hedgehog Rescue Centre by telephoning 01989 567288.

Mo Webb of the Furze Pig Hedgehog Rescue Centre.

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