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28th October 2009


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Ross Cider & Perry Co at Broome Farm, Peterstow is always a pleasure to visit, as Ross Guides discovered when they went on a tour of this award winning cider farm on Saturday afternoon. Proprietor, Mike Johnson loves to talk about his work and happily showed the guides around and introduced them to the herd of Alpacas and the pigs, including the new piglets, before taking them up to the orchards.

Mike showed the guides how apples are shaken from the trees, explaining how this used to be done manually, but now the farm has a wonderful machine to take some of the hard work out of it all, then he showed them how it is done today. Once on the floor, the apples have to be gathered up and he gave a demonstration of yet another marvellous invention that saves a lot of back breaking work. A lot of this work still has to be done by hand, but a lot of time is saved by the machinery. Mike then explained about the different varieties of apples of pears grown at Broome Farm, allowing the girls to taste them to compare flavours.

After the tour, the guides were taken back to the barn where the apples and pears already harvested were being pressed. The girls were keen to try their hand at this and Mike allowed them to do so, before letting them try some of juice they had helped to press. They also tried some of the delicious cider cake made by Mike's sister, Hilary of Broome Farm B & B before heading off to the Cider Cellar, from where the cider is sold.

We followed the guides on their tour and found it both interesting and enjoyable. Thank you to the guides for allowing us to join them and to Mike and his team for an enjoyable afternoon.

Mike Johnson and Phil Long with Ross guides, who really enjoyed their tour of Broome Farm.

wike introduces the guides to the male Alpacas.

The guides seized the opportunity to taste the different varieties of apples..

.Apples being shaken from the tree.

This machine gathers up the apples and sorts them from the mud etc..

The pigs love being fed the left overs from the pressings..

. Phil washes the apples before they are chopped up for pressing.

The guides were rather keen to try their hands at the pressing process..

Row upon row of barrels of juice and cider..

A visit to the Cider Cellar after the tour..

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