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1st November 2009

AUTUMN IN THE FOREST OF DEAN.............................

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Some readers may have noted from my blog that I have been filming the onset of autumn in the Forest of Dean over the past two months for another HD film on Wyenot. This has been an enjoyable if somewhat frustrating task due to recent weather conditions. Last Wednesday however turned out to be an unexpectedly fine day and I was able to get to Soudley and shoot some proper autumn colours to finish the project.

The editing of these films involves watching the same scenes over and over to get them to, not only fit the music but generally fit into a time scale. As a result, when I had finished the edit, I had watched the scenes running forwards and backwards, at various different speeds, so many times that I became fed up with seeing them. To be honest, I felt quite disappointed with the end result to the point that I was unsure whether or not to use it. I showed it privately to friends though and comments from those who watched changed my mind for me. Watching again now that a few days have passed, I feel a lot happier about releasing it for public viewing.

My mother would have loved the music - she liked Vivaldi and I have used 'Autumn' from the Four Seasons. I grew up with this music and had it in mind during the filming process. I purchased the performing rights for the whole of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, specially for film use on Wyenot. Having done so - again, I was not sure that I had made the right choice. Vivaldi is not actually one of my favourite composers. I tend to like the music of Mozart and Purcell but, as far as I know, they didn't write a tune called 'Autumn'. Somebody suggested that I use the Moody Blues - extracts from 'Threshold of a Dream'. I have that album here on vinyl and have owned it since 1970 - the year I left school - reminds me of a girl called Susan Booth, but I could not afford the performing rights. Vivaldi charged me $125 US Dollars for life - money I shall never make back. I am sure the Moody Blues would have charged a lot more than that.

I hope you enjoy the autumn scenes and that the film helps local tourism. One thing for sure - now that I have the music, you can expect the Winter, Spring and Summer movements over the next 9 months!

A scene from the film - the forest above Soudley last Wednesday..

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