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17th November 2009

THE FLOODED RIVER WYE IN TIME LAPSE.......................

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With notable climate changes over the past decade bringing more rain, the River Wye flooding at Ross has become a regular event during the summer and the winter months, so I decided to make a more generic film showing the River Wye in flood at Ross and rising at Symonds Yat.

This film was shot, mainly in time lapse over two main periods of flooding in 2009. The first scenes were shot during the last week of July and the second over the past two weekends, mostly in Ross-on-Wye by the Rope Walk, Wilton and Bridstow Bridge, but also from Symonds Yat East and Yat Rock. The sunrise was filmed at Wilton and the sunset at Yat Rock - as were the starlit sky scenes towards the end. The aerial view at the beginning was shot from a Robinson helicopter. The time lapse sequences are made up of over 6,000 individual photographs taken at intervals varying between 15 and 30 seconds with lens focal lengths of between 10.5 and 135mm.

The film is best watched in HD and points of interest to look out for include: The constellation of Orion the Hunter in the night view of Ross across the river. The rain shower which crosses Wilton Bridge just after the start of the second piece of music. River mist beginning to form after sunset by the big Horseshoe Bend around Coppet Hill, as seen from Yat Rock. The Milky Way and a brief flash of the International Space Station passing overhead, 4 frames from the end of the Milky Way scene.

When I was filming the night scenes from Yat Rock, I had the camera set to take a 10 second exposure every 20 seconds. During one of the 10 second periods with the shutter closed, the most amazing and brightest fireball meteor I have EVER seen dropped from the sky in the vicinity of Cassiopeia and fell vertically, dropping to an altitude of only about 10,000 feet before finally burning out. It fell slowly, glowing brilliant white and during its final stages, spiralling towards the ground like a burned out firework rocket. Very nearly a meteorite!

The flooded River Wye in time lapse.

Wilton Bridge on Sunday morning..

A wide angle shot showing Wilton Bridge on Sunday.

The constellation of Orion, the Hunter hangs over Wilton Bridge.

Sunset on Yat Rock during the filming.

With the peak having been reached in Ross, water levels are still rising at Symonds Yat.

After sunset, the stars emerge from a royal blue sky at Symonds Yat.

Whilst filming the star scenes, the International Space Station flew by the Milky Way. The white trail is the distance it travelled during the 30 second exposure.

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