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The Main Hall at the John Kyrle High School has played host to many an outstanding production over the years, but none more outstanding than Saturday's performance of the Ben Elton / Queen musical comedy, 'We Will Rock You!'

With a brilliant stage set, wonderful costumes, some fantastic technological effects and amazing talent of the cast and crew the show was a most enjoyable experience from 'curtain up' to the closing bows.

Galileo, played by Lucas Abbott, kept having strange 'texts' entering his head. He didn't know why this was happening to him and there were some hilarious lines which 'randomly' spouted forth. He was befriended by Scaramouche, (Ali Raine) who was different to all the other Killer Queen's Yuppies, who mocked her. After being arrested by the Killer Queen's (Emily Banks) right hand man, Khashoggi, brilliantly played by Charlie Rogers-Davies and the Ga Ga Police, the couple managed to escape. Whilst on the run, they met with Meatloaf, (Rhiannon Kearns) and Britney (Alex Davies), members of the Bohemian rebels, who worship ancient musical texts from a time they call 'The Rhapsody.'

Brit and Meat just manage to convince the Bohemians that Galileo is 'The Dreamer,' when Khashoggi and the Ga Ga Cops track down the hide out and arrest all the rebels, with the intention of clearing their minds of the ancient texts. Brit fights back to allow Galileo and Scaramouche time to escape to the Seven Seas of Rhye, where they meet Pop, the librarian (who's brain could not be totally wiped, as he knew too much), who tells them of a mythical band named 'Queen. Suddenly the lake is drained, revealing the statue of a man apparently pointing towards the 'Place of Living Rock.'

Directed by Ben Abbott, this wonderful production was extremely well cast and audience participation was actively encouraged. The music was brilliantly executed under the direction of Debra Blake and Chris Toomer and the costumes were fantastic, courtesy of Lesley Bagshaw and Iris Price. The stage design, by Dave Chatwin was excellent, as was the sound and lighting, stage management, the choreography, make up and, well, just about everything.

Some of the cast are fairly well seasoned performers as a few are members of the brilliant local youth theatre group X-entricity, which I am sure, along with the hard work and dedication of everybody involved in this production went a long way to helping with the tremendous success that it was. To say I enjoyed the performance is an understatement. It was amazing. You all have every reason to be proud of yourselves. The standing ovation said it all.

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Scaramouche, Galileo, Britney and Meat.

Britney sings his heart out.

Scaramouche, Galileo and Pop rediscover live rock music, clapping to the beat . . .

. . . and the appreciative audience soon took up the bait.

The entire, fantastic cast take a bow.
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