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Genealogists: Please note that I cannot personally get involved, or even the slightest bit interested in genealogy enquiries. I always fall asleep before getting to the end of the first paragraph of genealogy enquiries - even about my own family. All I can do is publish your letter of enquiry and wait for somebody to reply, so please make your enquiry brief.

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Dear Wyenot,Following my safe return back from my world challenge expedition in Southern Tanzania, I would once again like to say a big thank you to all those that helped and supported me to raise all the funds to get there.

I walked into what instantly felt like a large family as the people of Tanzania welcomed me and my team so warmly. The people of Tanzania were very friendly and keen to help us with any problems we had as a team. (They might not have as much as we do, but they do have something that to me puts this country to shame for many people (Rioters). They have the gift of loving one another and caring for one another like a big family which I believe is something we should learn to have more of within this country.

For the first few days of our journey we set up our blue tents within a beautiful camp site in the village of Kilwamosoko where we explored their local market which was interesting to go around as we tasted coconut juice straight from the coconut and discovered many unique spices some of the locals had created.

Following on to our next part of our journey, we went to Masasi, where we went to do our project work at Mtapika. I took part in a gardening task here of making them 6 vegetable patches while another group of people from my team went to complete a world map painting on their new science block wall, placing a red mark where we lived (England) and another red mark to colour where Tanzania was upon the large map.

During our stay at our linked school, we got the chance to get to know a group of students from the school in terms of what it was like to go to a school within the country. Once our project work was complete, we set off to our 5 day trek up the Livingstone Mountains where we walked a 12k distance per day, reaching our height goal of 2,000 feet up the mountain. We completed the trek by midday on Saturday after beginning our trek on Monday evening. We saw outstanding scenery from below us which took my breath away.

For the final part of my expedition, we went on a 2 day safari in the Ruha National Park on the outskirts of a big town called Iringa. During the safari, we encountered Zebras, Antelope, Baboons, Lion cubs and Hippos. We also came across many unique breeds of birds like Toucans and Hawks.

Overall the expedition gave me a life changing experience which I thoroughly recommend to all young people that may get the opportunity. I would like to thank my school, St. Mary's in Lugwardine and the teachers for making this experience possible.

Yours sincerely,

Ebony Hodges.

Dear Ebony,

Thank you for your letter. I am so pleased that you not only enjoyed your visit to Tanzania but that you also found it to be a life changing experience. It is all too easy for people to take things for granted when they have everything, until they meet people from a whole different world who appreciate the bare necessities.

Yours sincerely,



Dear Sirs,

I write with considerable concern about the various roadworks projects that are being undertaken in the town at the moment, in particular, Cantilupe Road.

We now appear to have traffic calming in a road that is already at a standstill for most of the day? We have a pedestrian crossing, where pedestrians are obscured by a line of parked buses; how safe is this?

We have lost numerous parking spaces which are at a premium in Ross as it is and at least one bus parking space. Various other bus services are unable to access the stand at which they are expected to serve! Dare I even mention the redundant bus shelter that has been placed outside Morrisons at a 'Set Down only' point.

Any person that were to waste this amount of money and cause this amount of devastation in the private sector would be expected to do the honourable thing and RESIGN! Maybe it is time that the planning officers responsible for this SHAMBLES and waste of public money were taken to task and made to account for their actions.

I also have to question whether or not planning permission was obtained for the alterations in Cantilupe Road, as everyone that I have spoken to has no recollection of any planning notices being displayed in this vicinity.

Yours faithfully

Andrew G. Morgan

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