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Ross Unintentional Festival Three Day Finalé, which took place over the August holiday weekend proved to be a colourful and entertaining climax to the Ross-on-Wye Fringe Festival. With a large variety of events, ranging from a male voice choir to heavy rock bands having already been taking place in and around Ross since Sunday 15th August, the finalé weekend, in the grounds of the Hope & Anchor, began on Saturday, 28th August at 3 pm, finishing at 11 pm on Monday.

I was unfortunately not able to photograph absolutely everything of the festival but did manage to snap over five hundred shots at the finalé events. Just a few of those photographs can be seen on this series of eighteen pages. To view, please follow the various links. If you click the top one, you can follow the 'next' arrows and view the weekend's events I was able to photograph. I am sorry if I missed your band, it was nothing you said, just that I also covered The Regatta, Lea Show and St. Mary's Flower Festival during the same weekend and could not be everywhere at once.

Continued below the photograph, including information if you wish to perform at next year's festival . . .

Skankt, performing on Saturday night at the Ross-on-Wye Unintentional Festival. Click the photograph to start the Finalé tour.
  Skankt, performing on Sunday night at the 2004 Ross-on-Wye Unintentional Festival.

Following on from a modest beginning, arranged at short notice back in 2002 due to the cancellation of the International festival, Ross-on-Wye Unintentional Festival has gone from strength to strength and has proved to be a great success. As with other local festivals such as Monmouth and Coleford, starting out small and expanding has proved to be far better than the other way round. I for one would like to see a festival for our great local performers as well as other big names as they become affordable become the main event in town, rather than pay eighteen quid a ticket to see a group of Czechoslovakian Sword Juggling Ferrets perform in a huge marquee.

Thank you to Caz, Franki, Simon, Rachel and all the other organizers, stewards and crew for a great festival!

On a slightly sadder note, a few incidents took place during the finalé weekend. Overnight on Saturday, the fence by the stage was cut and during the early morning on Sunday, Caz had her purse stolen from the festival site. It was later found in town minus a large sum of money. On Sunday, one of the performers had a guitar stolen from his car which was parked in Wye Street. Any information on any of these happenings would be appreciated.



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